Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, US Army

Today is the birthday of the US Army -- at 232 years old, the Army's existence predates by over a year that of the state which it defends and upholds. The history of America and her Army are synonymous, and the story of the Nation is carried in the flags: the regiments mounting guard today in Kabul and Baghdad and at posts on all the continents are those which carried the flags at Bataan, at Normandy, in the Ardennes, and in the Argonne; at Little Big Horn and New Orleans; and at Inchon, Pusan, and Hamburger Hill; at San Juan Hill, Cerro Gordo and other places too.
God bless friends, wherever duty takes you, and thank you. All who went before are still with you there today.


Candidly Caroline said...

Very cool that you noticed. I'm glad someone pays attention to these things. : )

Redpheon said...

Outstanding! And since you mentioned the Little Big Horn I will tell you of a real American hero from that battle who has been overlooked until recently. He is Lt. Henry Moore Harrington and until publication of a new book has been only a footnote in history. He actually commanded Co C during the fight, his captain, Tom Custer was serving as aide-de-camp to his brother. Lt. Harrington was missing in action until 2004 when his remains were identified by the author in the Smithsonian museum. Turns out Harrinton is the soldier the Sioux called "The bravest man the Sioux ever fought". You can see the book at