Monday, June 18, 2007

Earth Or Paris ?

Victoria Newton, writing in The Sun, says that America's favorite Robot Vice-President, ALGORE, is enraged because, reports Ms. Newton: Al's on a mission to save the planet, and "everyone else seems more interested in saving Paris Hilton."
Ms. Newton helpfully provides a fact sheet, comparing important features of Earth and Paris.
Although it's hard for me to believe that ANYBODY could not be deeply concerned with Paris's stay in the LA County Bastille, I admit that, on mature reflection, global warming seems, to El Jefe to be a slightly bigger problem then liberating Paris. The Sun also includes a picture of the lovely Ms. Newton and our once and future Robot Leader (dressed in all black, looking like Darth Vader on an exercise program) -- mouth characteristically open and gums flapping as he no doubt tries to get Ms. Newton to Come to Jesus (or Gaia ?), on ignoring Paris and Saving the Planet.
Still, you gotta wonder why ALGORE isn't more interested in the, well, not at all unattractive Ms. Newton than he is in gassing about global warming ? Maybe he really is a block of wood ? Somebody should take his pulse.


louielouie said...

on a slightly different subject....
i realized this weekend that the political re-education doesn't end at C-SPAN or at PBS.
the weather channel now says that global warming is america's fault. they somehow failed to mention the 1 billion chinese who currently heat their homes and cook their meals using raw coal. without any form of effluent clean-up measures.
not to mention that 30% of the pollutants in kalifornia come from china via the jet stream.
in an effort to see just how far the now moon-bats at the weather channel would carry this. after i watched the entire segment, i now feel the need to offer this apology to EJM I:
it is I and I alone who have caused global warming. i thank EJM I for not banning me from this site as I and I alone am polluting the environment that the Heir will inherit.
i apologize profusely and offer this my regret, for it is I and I alone who have caused this to transpire.

louielouie said...

i just clicked on the link.....
WOW!!!!!! what a set of GAMS.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Shame on you LL. You should stay focused, like the aforementioned Robot Leader, not on Ms. Newton, but on Saving the Planet.