Thursday, June 14, 2007


El Jefe, as some readers have perhaps noticed, is somewhat interested in history. . .particularly military history, which among other things is often a question of dates.
Today is the 200th anniversary of one of French Emperor Napoléon I's greatest victories. On this day in 1807, in East Prussia, 23 miles southwest of Königsberg, the Emperor and his armies defeated the Russian Army at the Battle of Friedland (Napoléon at that battle is depicted by in the painting by Horace Vernet, above). The Emperor effectively destroyed the Russian forces, opening the way to the Treaties of Tilsit, which ended the War of the Fourth Coalition, and ensured French domination of central Europe. . . until the next war with Russia in 1812.
14 June was always a lucky day for Napoléon: on this same day, in 1800, he defeated the Austrians at the Battle of Marengo, in northern Italy.
Also, on this day in 1645, the army of King Charles I of England was destroyed by the Parlimentary "New Model" army of Oliver Cromwell (a great general but a villain), at the Battle of Naseby.


Candidly Caroline said...

Okay, so you know your dates. But, is today Wednesday or Thursday?
JK. : )

louielouie said...

the european continent is obviously currently occupied by others than the stock described by EJM I.
those people were good for a throughdown for the slightest of provocations.
the principle reason i believe would be who married whom.
nothing threatening like fissile material in the hands of a stop-n-go clerk is important enough today.
just give us our welfare state and destroy our culture all you want.
so which is it, wed or thurs????

El Jefe Maximo said...

It feels like Monday around here.

And yeah, Europe is definitely under new management since the events of which I wrote...doesn't look like much has gone right there since Archduke Franz F. and his wife cruised down to Sarajevo for a little visit, maybe even earlier, possibly from when they let ol Prince Bismarck get too big for his britches. All that led, tortiously and violently, towards the rest of us being bossed around by jumped-up money-grubbing lawyers and wacko professors too stupid not to play with fissile material; who place no value on the past, because that would raise prices; and don't care if the immigrants bow to Mecca, becuase they care nothing for religion anyway.

But Bismarck, Napoleon and all the folks I wrote about would have known eggszactly how to settle Iraq's, Mad Jad's, Hamas's and Baby Hugo's hash -- no problem.