Friday, May 18, 2007

Nope, I Didn't Watch the Debates. . .

I confess...I did not watch the Republican debate the other night: much less the Democratic debate awhile back. Friends of mine are astonished, and wonder if I'm under the weather.
No, I'm not under the weather, I'm just not very interested. What the politicians should do, I know right well: what they'll actually do, only God can tell. In any case, it's too early to listen to this business, and I don't generally start paying attention till the weak sisters -- i.e. the candidates with no money or organization -- start dropping out.
Also, I generally find retail politics and vote-shilling boring beyond belief. I'm extremely interested in policy, and in what candidates for public office actually think and write and believe -- but you'll get none of that on television. All that we see on the idiot box is a show featuring carefully scripted and marketed pabulum, precisely calculated and calibrated to appeal to whatever group of voters the handlers find most interesting at present. The only interest is in watching for gotcha moments. In truth I find it deeply repulsive: the more I see of election season, the more I think monarchy has a lot to be said for it.


Candidly Caroline said...

It's just SO early to think about all that stuff.
I find myself not particualrly thrilled by any of the candidates yet, also. No one feels like the right fit.

El Jefe Maximo said...

The scary thing is that all of this is going to be more or less decided by 1 March.

They'll spend the summer and early fall spinning and gaffe-ing. Then the big money will vote in the fall, some of the others will get the message and fall out, and then it will all be up by March. We'll barely get a chance to get to know these people. We'll have candidates, like em or not.

Essentially, the whole process has been moved forward six months,(a function of boredom, people looking to get an early start, and Bush's inability to hold his audience); but none of us want to pay attention.