Monday, May 21, 2007

Lazy Weekend

El Jefe has no serious post this morning, mostly because he was lazy this weekend, rusticating on his country estates. SWMBO and the Heir stayed in Ciudad El Jefe, and the Great One cruised out to the country Saturday afternoon to engage in important activities like weed-wacking and driving the pick-up. Kept hoping some of my cottonmouth friends would show up to get blasted, but no such luck: they minded their own business, keeping me to mine.
Had a perfectly splendid afternoon on Saturday sitting out by the pond with my book, and having a ginormous steak for dinner (with some decent merlot). Came back to the world on Sunday and had dinner with the neighbors.
On to less agreeable subjects: I see that Peter Brown, writing at Real Clear Politics, has a column this morning entitled "Obama: Uniter or Just a Liberal ?" The piece is worth reading, but since St. Barak of Obama has recently enjoyed an ADA rating of 100, I find the question a silly one, even rhetorically.


louielouie said...

LL is looking ahead to this memorial day weekend. the working class does that you know........
and i am very surprised to see the turner classic movie line-up for the memorial day.
given the military weenie position we find ourselves in these days, it is absolutely astounding.
i can't agree with h. fondas "out" of the situation if appled to the stopngo clerk of tehran. given those circumstances i would have taken w. matthau's version of advice.
and my o my at 4:15pm you need to stick around to see LL retreat. EL JEFE is always bragging about his weekend getaway place. when mary ure goes up the cable car you get a first hand look at my little out of the way place.
all in all i don't know whether to get up early or stay up late. at my advanced age there is much difference. or is that, there is not much difference???
either way i'm sure LL festivities will take a back seat to any and all preparations, responsibilities, and other sordid tasks excellency has for we his minions.

louielouie said...

forgot the link.

turner classic movie line-up for the memorial day

El Jefe Maximo said...

Quite a list on the Turner channel.

I have always LOVED Bridge on the River Kwai -- that slightly/very daft British colonel just makes the movie. One of the most splendid military institutions ever devised was the British regimental system (a bit of which is on display in that film) -- which the present people ruining Great Britain have done their best to destroy.

Stalag 17 is a great film too. It's got a bit of everything: spies, an odd man out, betrayal, double-crosses, plot twists.

Have you figured out I'm a William Holden fan ? Check out "The 7th Dawn" sometime; or "The Horse Soldiers" -- that one's got John Wayne too, and is a great film, even if Holden and Wayne are in the Union Army, thus on the black hat side.

Wake Island's okay -- but no movie could ever tell the real story good enough. Those guys on Wake sure bought a bad deal -- as did the Guam garrison snd the people at Bataan.

From Here to Eternity is good, even if Lancaster always plays the same guy.

No, I never agreed with Henry Fonda's out, either, but the worst thing Henry F ever did was sire that daughter of his.

Hmmmmm...if you want a couple of war films to think on, with a little contemporary relevance, i.e. dirty wars, try Anthony Quinn in "The Lost Command" -- French in Vietnam and Algeria, and Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts in "Michael Collins."

Don't mean to be a braggart on the country place: I just like spending time there.

louielouie said...

what' this......EL JEFE fawning over a british movie?
mentioning algeria, the night before (27th) is the movie "battle of algiers". about the revolt back in 1963(?). also back when movies were almost documentaries. this comes complete with homicide bombers, insurgency, & IEDs. just like present day.
the more things change ............

El Jefe Maximo said...

Had forgotten about Battle of Algiers.

The thing I liked about the Anthony Quinn movie (probably not as good as Battle of how the French fought the Algerian rebels in Algiers -- essentially, by out dirty-pooling the insurgents. Battle of Algiers is in the same key.

Candidly Caroline said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!