Friday, May 25, 2007

Boy Bags "Son of Hogzilla"

When out there prowling in the bushes, and the briars and the brambles this weekend, be careful. Be verrry, verrry careful, cause Hogzilla may be on the prowl, as 11-year old Jamison Stone, of Pickensville, Alabama, found out last 3 May.
The original "Hogzilla" was a famous wild hog, killed near Alapaha, Georgia in 2004. The size of Hogzilla grew in the telling: as his fame spread, "Hogzilla" became a monstrous walking side of bacon of truly epic proportions. "Son of Hogzilla" carries on this tradition: "Son of Hogzilla" was a 1,051 pound wild hog -- over nine feet long. "Think hams as big as car tires" the AP article said.
But the mighty "Hogzilla" was no match for Master Stone. The redoubtable sixth grader dispatched the humongous hog with nine rounds from his trusty .50 caliber pistol -- finishing the great beast off after a three-hour chase through the woods with one round, delivered point blank. Sounds like a regular "Ultimate Showdown." (I've been itching to work that link into something -- hat tip: The Heir).
Now "Son of Hogzilla" belongs to legend, and no doubt he too will become more ginormous with each telling. Good to know they still make tough kiddos in El Jefe's home state of Alabama.
Have a great weekend.
UPDATE (2 June). Sometimes, good stories are less good than they appear. (Hat tip: T).

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