Tuesday, May 8, 2007

700, Carbeques, Dialogues

This is evidently post number 700 on this thing. Wow, check it out. No wonder it takes me forever to find old stuff.
El Jefe is blogatorily under-the-weather today, down with an attack of writer's block. All kinds of things going on in the world, such as carbeques in Paris, (Sarko up, Sego down). Parti Socialiste leader François Hollande says this has to stop immédiatement. M. Hollande, besides being Sego's rival for Socialist Party leadership, is also her "life partner" with whom she has four children. That's even weirder than Bill and Hillary. The bedroom conversations in the Hollande/Royal ménage must be tres interessant, n'est pas ?
Meanwhile, back at the château, foreign Islamic wackos apparently wanted to kill soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Fortunately, the plot was discovered: because a shop owner asked to put a video on DVD became concerned at images of young men "shooting assault weapons at a firing range. . .while calling for jihad and shouting in Arabic 'Allah Akbar'. . ." and alerted the FBI. That does sound like a dead giveaway to me.
One of the suspects worked at a nearby pizza parlor that made deliveries to the Fort. Apparently he was planning, one fine day soon, to deliver something more than extra pepperoni.
Meanwhile, while the crazies are getting jobs at local pizza parlors to case nearby forts, we have western peace activists in Cairo at an anti-zionism conference having a sit-down with Hamas and Hezbollah (hat tip: Lasso of Truth). According to the National Post (Canada), in an article dated today, 1,500 delegates from the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and the Republic of Korea attended the late March-early April conference.
The purpose of the meeting, sponsored, inter alia, by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, was to ". . .forge 'an international alliance against imperialism and Zionism.'" But Sid Lacombe, "coordinator" of something called the "Canadian Peace Alliance" says that people who accuse these dupes (er, excuse me, activists) of abetting terrorism are wrong: that the peacenik attendance at this conference is about "dialogue and clarity" and "meeting with people who have experienced war over the course of the last few years."
Gotta love that Lefty demand for "dialogue." Here's the kind of dialogue our own Lefties are accustomed to engaging in. . .
Anyway, as to the Cairo conference: too bad we couldn't have "coordinated" delivery of a few aerial, high-explosive smart bomb pepperoni pizzas from 40,000 feet during the conference's plenary session. Now that would have been the kind of dialogue and clarity that would assure the peaceniks a real experience.

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