Monday, April 9, 2007

Trip to the Bundu

El Jefe was happy to escape Cuidad El Jefe this weekend, repairing with the whole court to his palace in the country, someplace in south-central Texas.
It was cold, rainy, and muddy; our pond actually made steam. Our fields are full of dandelions, with an occasional Indian Paintbrush or Bluebonnet or three. The animals in the area were all very chatty about the unseasonable weather: the cows mooing, the owl hooting and the frogs croaking. Despite my bunged-up ankle (product of a stumble last week), I had a great time trampling around with the Heir and firing the rifle at cans.
Back in the Cuidad in all its splendor and glory. (Sigh).

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louielouie said...

......i almost broke out into my own rendition of "i'm dreaming of a white easter"............
to borrow a phrase from your subsequent essay, what now passes for "quasi-entertainment", i.e., "dumb housewives" has now pushed from a network broadcast, that chatty nun-wannabe skipping all over salzburg with her urchins in old drapes, to the disney family channel.