Friday, April 20, 2007

Reveling in Defeat

The Austin Bay Blog dissects the Harry Reid Surrender Declaration better than anybody else. Our soldiers in the field, and their parents have been told by the Majority Leader of the United States Senate that they're suckers. Would Senator Reid be happier if the soldiers deserted ?
How do you suppose Iraqis who chose to support the pro-American government feel about their decision just now ? Former South Vietnamese who might live in your neighborhood, victims of the last Lefty sell-out, could probably give you a clue.
In not unrelated news, the Vermont Senate voted 16-9 to demand the impeachment of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. All six Republicans in the body, joined by three courageous Democrats, voted no.
The text of the Vermont Senate's impeachment resolution (SR 16), as introduced, is here. The prime mover in this disgraceful piece of legislation is the war in Iraq.
These people WANT the war to be lost. The domestic enemies of our war effort do not care that the premature withdrawal of American troops would likely lead to a greater bloodbath; do not care that premature withdrawal would make the efforts of our dead and wounded meaningless; do not care that their games to undercut Bush by screaming "we've lost !" and "impeach now !" encourage our enemies everywhere. These pusillanimous, craven villians are conniving at the defeat of our country by foreign enemies.

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