Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If You Need A Laugh . . .

. . .check out what Dennis Kucinich, Texas's own "Hurricane Sheila" and the Kumbaya caucus in the House of Representatives are pushing now.
Get out the good dope, fire up your old 60's LP's and just "Imagine." No liability is assumed by El Jefe if you are injured falling out of your chair laughing.
Hat tip: Gates of Vienna.

1 comment:

louielouie said...

that resume' is indeed impressive.
born in queens and representing the people of texas.
and you people talk about the genetic code north of the red river......
career politician.
activist judge.
yeah, this is just the type of person we need telling us what/how to name our hurricanes, and live our lives.
i would post the content of the e-mial circulating regarding the cat-4 hurricane approaching houston, you know, leroy and the crotch rocket, and get yo' free stuff, and all that but i'd be labeled a racist. i'll settle for bigot.
change 'em back to womens names.
nuff said.