Friday, March 2, 2007

Texas Independence Day

Today is the 171st anniversary of the declaration of Texas independence from Mexico. The Texas convention, meeting at Washington-on-the-Brazos could, of course, make whatever declarations it wanted: the text of the Texas Declaration of Independence tracked that of the US Declaration of Independence pretty closely. But the independence of Texas was secured not by declarations and politicians, but by soldiers and force of arms, on the battlefield.
All Texans may thank God that General Santa Anna, following the fall of the Alamo, spent late March and most of April throwing away the fruits of what till then had been a fairly well-run campaign against the Texas rebels: dispersing his powerful forces all over central and coastal Texas, giving Sam Houston his chance to win the Battle of San Jacinto in April.


louielouie said...

as a lifelong okie i say congratulations to all texians.

this date also marks about the first anniversary of LL finding the kingdom. EJM I eloquent post on this subject a year ago has kept me coming back to the throneroom, the continued displeasure of the secret police, ecellency's mistresses, and other members of said security apparati.........bbwwwhhhaaahahahaha!!!!!!!

El Jefe Maximo said...

My post a year ago on Texas independence was indeed better. I suppose I was thinking more about the whole thing from the other side this year. . .Santa Anna could have, and should have, called his memoirs How To Totally Mess Up Everything When You're Holding a Royal Flush. Thank God.

Candidly Caroline said...

Here, here!
I LOVE my home state of Texas!