Sunday, March 25, 2007

Impeachment, Chapter LXIII million

Senator Chuck Hagel, (Supposedly R, Nebraska), seems to think that President Bush could face impeachment because he's not falling in line with the cut-and-run faction on Iraq. Meanwhile, Hagel apparently is thinking about running for President in 2008.
Just which party does Senator Hagel think will nominate him ?
Senator Hagel's a gadfly, and gadflies talk like Hagel does, but, unfortunately, the Senator might not be far wrong. I've said for a long time that November 2004's results meant that impeachment was a real possibility. Nothing the President has done remotely justifies impeachment: but the Left-wing bigwigs now running things on Capitol Hill are in a real political quandry. The Lefties are, for the moment, a few votes shy of being able to shut down the war. They have the ability to make it impossible to appropriate funds to carry on the war, but nobody sane wants to do this, because it will put the left in the position of cutting off money for the soldiers. Now the Lefties would LOVE to do that, and to defund the military generally, but they would pay, in short order, a hefty political price.
Balked at stopping the war, the Lefties must seek their pound of flesh elsewhere. The first installment is likely to be Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, probably via this stupid US attorney "scandal." It wouldn't matter if President Bush had fired ALL the US Attorneys, or if he did so tomorrow, it would still be legal, and no scandal. No matter: the Democrats' best weapon is their ability to subpoena, and make headlines, and there's enough raw tinder out there to start a good blaze. If the Democrats can't stop the war: they can possibly bag a few Bush appointees, and maybe get articles of impeachment through the House.
It may be an interesting fall.

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