Friday, March 23, 2007

Democrats Run Up The White Flag; Iranians Say "Hands Up !"

By a majority of six rats 218-212, the House of Representatives voted to stab the war effort in the back and require President Bush to withdraw our forces from Iraq no later than September of 2008.
Nancy Pelosi (D-People’s Republic of San Francisco) tells us: “[t]he American people have lost faith in the President’s conduct of this war.” Well of course they’ve lost faith, Madam Speaker, because you and the other flaming lefty idiots in your repulsive party have done your level best for four years to wreck it.
President Bush has promised to veto such legislation in the event the Senate fails in its duty to stop it. But with a majority in the House apparently determined to include such disgraceful surrender language in a war spending bill, it is difficult to see how the war can be carried on.
This simplifies the enemy's problems immeasurably. Courtesy of the Democrats (who don't care who wins, so long as Bush loses), the Iraq rebels -- and their suppliers -- can now calculate exactly how long they have to wait us out. Persons sitting on the fence now know for sure that we are leaving in the foreseeable future. Now that there is no possibility of our staying in the war till the job is done enough for the government to successfully supress the rebellion on its own, do you think it is fence-sitters will support the government, or work their passage with the rebels ?
While the Democrats fall all over themselves in their eagerness to surrender, the Iranians laugh at us and our allies by seizing 15 British sailors. Why not ? The Iranians have good reason to suspect they’ll get away with it, don’t they ?

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