Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Star Trek Meets Fatal Attraction

Buzz Lloyd: [after being asked by Stone what he saw when a psychologist held up a blank sheet of paper during his astronaut acceptance boards] I saw a field covered with snow. And underneath was new oats. Then the snow melted and the field turned to green. But the psychologist said I was all wrong, it was just a blank sheet of paper.

Clayton Stone: He took you anyway?
Buzz Lloyd: Yeah, I guess they made a mistake.
Clayton Stone: No, no, they don't make mistakes.
Buzz Lloyd: That's right, I forgot. They don't make mistakes do they? [the entire crew begins to laugh at the irony].

Marooned (1969) (with Gene Hackman as “Buzz Lloyd”, Richard Crenna as “Jim Pruett” and James Franciscus as “Clayton Stone” (from IMDb database here).

Of course, they never make mistakes. Still, you do gotta wonder a little sometimes, such as after reading about US Navy Captain and NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s mad drive from Houston to Orlando in diapers to confront a romantic rival, armed with a BB-gun, mace, a wig, a mallet and rubber tubing.
A (married) Navy captain and Naval Academy graduate, in a sordid love triangle, possibly charged with attempted murder ? My God: Star Trek meets Fatal Attraction. I wonder if her shuttle flight had any rabbit experiments?
They let this woman fly in space shuttles that go supersonic? Glad she didn't decide her love life sucked on re-entry.
The only thing more surreal than this whole sad business is likely to be the aftermath. Legal/TV circus to rival O.J.'s, book deals, Oprah, Star, Enquirer, Lifetime Movie, here we come.
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Candidly Caroline said...

Pretty crazy, huh?

El Jefe Maximo said...

I can't get over how crazy. Married, three kids, Navy Captain, Annapolis grad, (they don't let dumbbells be Captains or go to Annapolis). On top of that she's a test pilot, flown in space -- maybe 500 people have ever done that -- and not hard to look at. What doesn't she have ? Then just throws it all away being a mugger in a parking lot.

louielouie said...

this wsa bound to happen.
sooo many swingers in the mil.
NASA gets their monkies from the mil.
she confronted a non-mil and they called the police.
that doesn't compute.
this also blows that conception in space experiment out of the water.
........or does it.
turn off the mike, mike.........

louielouie said...

all 3 are mil.
my bad.