Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Does anybody think it's curious that neither the media nor the Government want to talk about Utah mall-shooter Sulejman Talovic's religion ?
According to AP, Mr. Talovic, who was "walking around and shooting everybody he saw" on Monday at the Trolley Square shopping center -- is evidently a refugee from "war-torn Bosnia." (Aside: it's almost de rigueur to place "war-torn" in front of Bosnia, or Kosovo -- the adjectives are practically part of the place-name.)
In any case, FBI Agent Patrick Kierman, in Salt Lake City, says that the Bureau has no reason to believe that Mr. Talovic was motivated by "religious extremism" or that this was an "act of terrorism." There is no report that Mr. Talovic assured his victims (while he was shooting everybody he saw) that he was not an extremist or a terrorist, so it's unclear what special investigative techniques the FBI and media may have employed to extract this information from the stone-cold-dead Mr. Talovic. (Still, Mr. Kierman's assurances are a load off my mind: mall shooters are one thing, but religious extremism simply cannot be tolerated !)
You don't suppose Mr. Talovic could be a m-u-s-l-i-m do you ? A member of the religion of peace ? I'll be fair: I have no evidence that he is, or isn't, one way or another, much less that religion had anything to do with any of this, and I'm admitting that up front. But the almost complete silence of the talking heads and those charged with protecting us makes me suspicious.
In any event, you can bet your last copy of the Holy Book of your choice that if Mr. Talovic was actually some Christian Evangelical nutcase, that we're in for months of earnest TV documentaries and New York Times recommended books on the dangers of said nutcases and their wackjob cults. However, if it turns out that Mr. Talovic was a member of the Religion of Peace, the TV media silence will be absolutely deafening. After all, the media doesn't want to stir-up the public.

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