Sunday, February 18, 2007

Probably Getting Ready for Astronaut Training

Frequent commenter Louie Louie recently alluded to Britney's new "do." Britney has clearly gone into orbit, and embraced her Sinéad O'Connor side. Maybe Britney's getting ready for serious Astronaut training.
So young, so much money. . .hopefully she manages a safe landing. The odds should be in her favor.


Candidly Caroline said...

Before, her shenanigans just seemed like poor choice making. Now, I'm starting to worry about her. She looks like she is heading for a breakdown of some sort (if she's not already there.) Hopefully, her mom will step in and get her straight.
I feel bad for her; she must be in a lot of pain to have cut off her entire head of hair. I mean, that's NOT something women just do! Someone needs to intervene with her, and hopefully, someone will help with the kids, too.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I don't follow Britney closely, but at a guess, whatever went down with her and FedEx seems to have smashed her up pretty good; even if he was not exactly a sterling example of manhood.

It has to be hard to be Britney to start with -- besides the normal problem of men out to take advantage of her, she's got all that money, which brings out a whole new group of predators. Now she's got kids to think about too.

And she's just so young. . .not only chronologically, but she seems decidedly immature.

Yeah, somebody better step in, before she really has a crash.