Thursday, February 8, 2007

Poking The Eagle Through the Bars

AP reports that the Presently Undead, but Working On It, Iranian Valî-ye Faqîh, (“Guardian Jurisprudent”), Grand Ayatollah Ali Khameini, told Iranian air force commanders today that if the United States attacks Iran, "[the enemy knows well that any invasion would be followed by a compreshensive reaction to the invaders and their interests all over the world."
No question that the Grand Ayatollah does well in the threats and bluster department, but one wonders if bunker-busters might ruin his lunch. Perhaps: the Ayatollah tells us that ". . .the US president is not prone to calculating the consequences of his actions. . .but it is possible to bring this kind of person to wisdom. . . US policymakers and analysts know that the Iranian nation would not let an invasion go without a response." Wow, maybe Khameini really is dead, and has been replaced by Noam Chomsky, Nancy Pelosi or Michael Moore.
Someone needs to explain to this old croaker that the most miserable American dope-addled street person is worth more than everything and everyone in his little country. A "comprehensive reaction to the invaders and their interests" will mean that Tehran and lots of other places will turn into glass, and there will be no Iran, or Iranian interests, for us to worry about -- ever again.

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