Thursday, February 22, 2007

A New Conglomerate

A big conniption for the Lexus-environmentalist set. . .Wild Oats is being swallowed [by] Whole Foods for $565 million dollars in non-recyclable paper. Hopefully, this sits right with the investors.
No doubt the result will be called "Wild Foods" or "Whole Oats." I like "Whole-Wild" myself.
You knew that somebody would make these bad jokes, right ? As SWMBO would no doubt point out, I'm just the guy to make them, too.


Anonymous said...

You've got that right. SWMBO

Candidly Caroline said...

I actually am a little concerned about this. Whole Foods is a cool place to visit, but it's way too expensive to shop there for everything. I try to buy organic, and Sun Harvest has been a pretty good choice for finding the same things for less money. I hope they don't just walk in and raise all the prices by 50 percent and call it a day.

El Jefe Maximo said...

We used to have a smaller competitor of Whole Foods right near our house. The decor wasn't much, but the veggies were GREAT, organic and they were really reasonable.

Then Whole Foods bought the place, closed it up for awhile, and remodeled extensively. It's a gorgeous store, everything in it you could possibly imagine that would appeal to a really upscale clientele. A very nice store, but the produce, and everything else, is more expensive.

I will say that since Whole Foods has come around, and the whole organic vegetable thing has taken off, that produce in general, in both specialty grocers and your average Kroger, seems to me to have improved (both in organic and non-organic produce).

I don't know if this is clever packaging, more food coloring, more rigorous screening out of past sell date inventory, or what, but my non-scientific observation is that produce is more of a priority than hitherto.