Monday, February 12, 2007

Iranians in Iraq

Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail and Spook 86 at In from the Cold both have good discussions on the US military’s evidence of Iranian aid to the rebels in Iraq. The articles linked in Mr. Roggio’s piece should bring you up to speed. The evidence is reasonably conclusive: and persons who claim that the aid is not both substantial and the considered policy of the Iranian government are either fooling themselves or hopelessly clueless.

The mysterious part of this equation to me is why anyone is surprised that the Iranians are aiding our enemies. I would be in their place: poking at America has amounted to a national pastime for the mullahs since 1978; and they have a rather proprietary attitude towards Iraq and the rest of the Persian Gulf region.
The problem for the Iranians is that smuggling on the border can run two ways. There are plenty of ethnic and religious minorities in Iran who hate Persians and the mullah regime and would be glad of having some bombs to throw or some cash to make trouble with.

For that matter, I suspect there are plenty of former Iraqi military personnel, mostly Sunni, probably some presently involved with the rebels, who would just love an opportunity to give the mullahs a stomach-ache quasi-legally. Sounds like the basis of a working relationship to me.

There’s plenty of local discontent to harness and direct at Iran: without the necessity of open war. So why aren’t we doing it ? The Iranians are running a covert war on us already. Clearly the mullahs think that they can kill Americans with impunity. Are we going to fight back, or not ?


louielouie said...

Are we going to fight back, or not ?

considering the mullahs have more support in the US congress than america does, yeah, i know, your jaw just hit the table, i would say the answer is yes.
aren't they taking some kind of poll for the moonbats in the house about now, regrading something about the cut & run manuver?

louielouie said...

oops, my bad.
i copied the wrong question/comment into my post.
the answer is NO.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Unfortunately, I agree, more or less.

We are in the position of having completely lost the initiative; forced to wait for our enemies to put us back in the contest with a mistake.

Staggering to think that the problem is almost completely one of domestic politics. There is no material or military reason why we should be in this difficulty. The problem is entirely moral and political.