Monday, February 12, 2007

In Case You Were in Antarctica. . .

Say, did ya hear Anna Nicole Smith died ?

Yeah, I know. . .sad ending to a sad life, but the ongoing tabloid festival makes it seem like NOTHING else matters.
ADDENDUM: (13 February). This little Anna Nicole personal reminiscence, by Larry Miller over at the Weekly Standard, is worth reading. The older I get, the more I realize that people are not all of a piece. . .something happens, and you see sides of people you never knew existed, both good and bad. Or maybe it's a lot simpler, and, to quote The Doors and Jim Morrison -- it's just that "people are strange."


Candidly Caroline said...

It IS very sad. I feel really sorry for the baby, especially since she is being used as a pawn by the same man who used Anna Nicole as a pawn, someone who has enough bad, dark energy around him to scare me a thousand yards away.

What I haven't heard people mention is the potential irony, from the Marshall's standpoint, at least. If you were of their opinion, you would find it quite ironic that someone who is not in her will (Stern) likely will be trying to take away the fortune from blood relatives (the baby and mom.) We all know he will do it. Now, in my opinion, Anna Nicole probably was due some of the Marshall fortune, but if I were a Marshall ... I think some "sowing what you reap" thoughts would be running through my head.

El Jefe Maximo said...

If this was fiction, anybody who tried to shop this as a book or a movie script would get laughed out of town. As it is, Anna Nicole's life, a real live disaster, is a tabloid gift that keeps on giving.

As it is, there's much too much dark energy around most of the players in this circus. I mean: four contenders claming to be the Father of that baby; although probably none of them are worth being called Daddy. Doesn't seem like the baby has a chance, but then Momma didn't, really, either, it seems.

An ironic ending indeed, considering the Marshal business.

The whole thing sounds like the Bar Exam question from Hell. First there's the paternity suit in CA; then Anna-N's death in FL -- she a a person with permanent residence in the Bahamas -- the residence status itself under question; with a baby born under Bahamas jurisdiction. Father possibly in Europe (married to somebody else), possibly in Bahamas, possibly in FL, possibly who knows ?

Then did she have a will, and was she competent to make it ? Was she married, or was it just a "commitment ceremony ?" Then there's momma in Texas. . .and then there's the outcome of the Marshal litigation.

Enough to make you wish you'd stayed in bed ! Possibly all the litigation will wind up about the time the baby graduates from college. No question at all that the fees will educate the offspring of a whole passel of lawyers.