Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Help ! The Villain Might Defend Itself !

Guess who's the biggest threat to world peace ?

Oh this is an easy one, if you're an Iranian bigshot, Moonbat Chavez, Dictator Fidel, Dear Leader Kim, an American political science professor, or the Palestinian gang-leader du jour. . .except that its tricky in that it's kind of a tie between imperialist Uncle Sam, and zionist Israel. Just close your eyes and guess, and you've got a 50/50 chance of being right and getting asked to the right faculty cocktail parties.
This week, to Right Thinking People, it's Israel. Like I said, no surprise.
For double or nothing, guess who says so.
No, no, not Osama, or Mad Jad Ahmadinejad or Ayman al-Zawahiri, or even a Hezbollah spokesman. Well, they all say this of course, but the one making news saying it this week is. . .
John Edwards.
And yeah, he's in Hollywood (of course !) doing it. According to Variety, virtually the official house organ of Hollywood:

Now this is just an astounding trail of logic. The Iranians have been saying for months that Israel was going to be destroyed; they are going all-out to become a nuclear power and it's the Israelis that are the greatest threat to world peace ? I suppose the Israelis should just sit there quietly and let the Iranians build their bombs and destroy Israel. Then the Israelis would be safely dead, and thus no threat to world peace. By Senator Edwards's logic, Britain and France threatened world peace when they promised to ally with Poland if Hitler invaded it.

(Hat tips: Kesher Talk, National Review).

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