Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Slump and Slumming

Somewhat of a writing slump around ol' Cuidad El Jefe. Haven't felt too productive since just before Christmas, and just not back into the swing of things, even though '07 is well and truly underway. Probably because most of the somewhat dim El Jefe brainpower is consumed with catching up at work after more than a week off, (Christmas till after New Years). In consequence, I'm being somewhat lazy and not too prolific, at least here.
In any case, I crave your indulgence, and am certain that matters will return to normal soon.
I see that Ted Kennedy, one of my personal bĂȘte noires, gave a speech on Iraq today, and I'm of half a mind to look the thing up and listen to it just so I can get good and angry and feel like writing. However, I shall probably hold fire on that subject until after the President talks tomorrow.


Candidly Caroline said...

I hear ya. It's been a little hard for me, too, on the blogging front. Not being of the full time, in the office job persuasion, I never really have true time off, especially with my other writing pursuits - soI haven't had much inclination blog-wise lately. It will pass.

louielouie said...

all i have to do to get mad, cause i can't write, is watch about 5 minutes of nightline.
last night they had a segment of how babies r us has gotten their mammory gland caught in a wringer over the first baby born in 2007 contest.
seems the recipient is the daughter of, you guessed it, a chinese couple in the USA illegally. so BrU took back the money and gave it to another baby.
this got some chinese blogger outraged. she started in on "it doesn't matter if the parents are here illegally, the award was for the baby."
so BrU took the dhimmitude approach and gave the money back to the chinese kid as well as the other kid, and then went out an found a mexican kid to give 25K.
if it were me, i would have told the chinese blogger she should be glad to be in a country where you have every right to be outraged.
BrU is of course, looking at all those chinese diapers.

so while you two are quiet i'll take the keyboard diarrhea path, and say that while watching the first segment of "the virgin queen" on PBS this weekend past, i couldn't help wonder why you don't refer to yourself as EJM I? there has to be some anglo rule, or something. right? like never refer to the first as the first while the first is still first.
that mary queen of scots head removal was very......messy.....no?
i'm done.
the attendants part and gladly allow LL to move to the back row.

my gawd, there are more letters in the word verification block than in the hawaiian alhapbet.

Candidly Caroline said...

I have such problems with those things - I always have to enter them more than once. They've apparently made them Caroline Proof in addition to hacker proof.