Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cuba Libre is Coming. . .Venezuela is Going

Hugo Chavez says that Castro is dying, or more accurately, "battling for his life." Not before time. Still not time to pop the champagne corks, but it's still not too early, as Belmont Club points out, to begin thinking about the post-tyrant era.
Unfortunately, as Belmont Club points out, Moonbat Chavez is down in Caracas just itching to fill Fidel's smelly old fatigue uniform. Moonbat is young, and his country much richer. Chavez is in the process of getting himself full dictatorial powers -- there is a bill working through the puppet Venezuelan parliament giving Chavez the power to rule by decree for 18 months. What do you bet it passes ? The legislation bears the same name as the bill that gave Hitler similar powers in Germany, the "Enabling Act."
Soon he will have the power to proceed against subversives, purge his military and bureaucracy, bring the bar, the media and the judiciary into, oh, call it "coordination" with the government, and get rid of problem children in the National Assembly. He's already moving to form a single leftist party, which before long is going to be the only party. The next Enabling Act will be permanent.
Might want to think on buying Miami real estate. Cubans thinking about better times may be getting liquid and selling, but lots of new folks will probably be coming from further south. I bet property values there are headed straight up.

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