Monday, July 31, 2006


The British Parliament is in the middle of its summer recess, and does not sit again until 9 October, which, I think, is the only thing keeping Prime-Minister Blair in power.
When Parliament reconvenes this fall, Mr. Blair will find it necessary to step down, and Gordon Brown will be Prime-Minister by 15 November.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Israeli "Big Push" ?

A rush-rush project at work, on which I have been laboring all weekend, precludes proper comment at this time, but there is some evidence this weekend of a larger Israeli effort on the ground in southern Lebanon. At the same time, the diplomatic environment appears to be deteriorating for the Israelis.
More when El Jefe's time allows.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israelis Readying a Larger Force

Despite the much-touted declaration of the Israeli cabinet that, against the advice of the IDF General Staff: there is no plan to expand Israel's incursion into Lebanon, Israel has called up three reserve divisions, says the Jerusalem Post. AP counts 30,000 reservists being called, Haaretz counts the bayonets differently: saying that the three division call-up "could amount to around 15,000 soldiers, or 5,000 troops per division." Possibly the Haaretz figure does not take support slices into account, or possibly the call-ups represent partial elements of the said divisions.
Still, it is easy to forget how small Israel is: the population is (6,352, 157, according to the CIA World Factbook). Neither 15,000, or 30,000 reservists represents exactly an insignificant number . . .
The JPost quotes a statement from the Israeli Prime Minister's Office setting out the reason for this call-up: "The draft is to prepare the force for possible developments as they have been presented to the cabinet and also to freshen the forces as needed. Using the force will require another approval by the Cabinet."
So, the Israelis are further disrupting their already hemorrhaging national economy with a huge reserve call-up, for an operation their government says is not going to be expanded ?
Combined with the size of the force already engaged in Lebanon (I have some idea what forces are there, but I'm not going into details)...this sounds like the size force I expected to be committed there to begin with, but there are some other possibilities too.
"Possible developments as they have been presented to the cabinet." Tell me what that might mean ? Something's afoot...but I'm going to cogitate on it before saying anything, if I do say anything.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yahell !

Apropos of nothing, I really HATE the new Yahoo ! Home page. Gotta navigate too many little picturegram-looking things, and I'm more of a word person.
I know Yahoo ! really cares, so naturally, I have commented in the appropriate place, and I know my concerns -- nay, my displeasure -- will be assuaged rapidly. Meanwhile, while I'm holding my breath, if anybody has an idea how to get the old page back (it still works at work !), please leave a comment !

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mad Jad Makes Threats

The AP reports that the so-called president of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says today that the fighting in Lebanon could spread elsewhere and that “He who raises the wind will get a hurricane” and that it will be a “strong hurricane that will strike really hard.”

Meanwhile, MEMRI quotes Mad Jad as saying that the present Lebanon crisis is a “test, which will determine the future of humanity. Everyone must be put to the test.” He elaborates that for those who have “buried their heads in the sand…[that] this is ‘the Day that all things secret will be tested.’”
I find Mad Jad's talk about "the Day" particularly disturbing. Does Mad Jad think that the advent of the Twelfth Imam, heradling the End of Time, is near ?

The MEMRI piece quotes Mad Jad as naming “England” specifically, as the founder of the “sinister regime” – presumably meaning Israel. England, along with “America, which supports it now” is an “accomplice to all its [Israel's] crimes.” (How like Hitler Mad Jad sounds ! Hitler used to rage about his "hate-inspired antagonists" England and France, which he blamed, as he did the Jews, for the wars he started).
Israel, America and England are not alone in Mr. Mad Jad’s dock: “a bunch of people with no honor rule some countries in the region. People are being killed before their eyes, while they play games, giving compliments to one another…”

Mad Jad is saying that things are going to happen, or that, if they do, nobody should be surprised, because we all have “hurricanes” coming. In particular, I think Mad Jad’s use of the term “hurricane” – supposedly AP tells us, from a proverb – interesting. I hope Homeland Security is on alert.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, and his mullah backers in Tehran need to have it made quite clear to them that if hurricanes are unleashed by Hezbollah or anybody else, anywhere -- that Iran will be held responsible -- and that the hurricanes will come home to downtown Tehran, as well as to them, personally.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back from the Snake Hunt

Back from a snake-hunting expedition to El Jefe's country palace. Normally, I don't mind snakes, but those of the venomous variety too close to home are Right Out. Wasn't sure if I was hunting them, or if they were hunting me. . .but that's another story.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel Commits Ground Troops

Israeli ground troops appear to be operating in southern Lebanon, in force since at least yesterday. According to, there are "several Israeli brigades. . .between the Lebanese border and the Litani River."
Hezbollah militia forces are reported to be in bunker complexes, "launching rockets." Hopefully this means that the bulk of them are standing and fighting right there near the border, where the Israeli ground troops and big guns can get at them, and this is not just a rear guard covering the flight of the bulk of the terrorists. Standing near the border would be really stupid of them, but we can hope can't we ?
Presumably airmobile/airborne forces are operating somewhere north of the Litani, and also along the paths to the Bekaa Valley, barring escape, or attacking terrorists headed for the Bekaa.
ADDENDUM: For a good discussion of what's going on, and to see a spiffy relief map of the area, check out Wretchard's post "The Lebanese Border" at Belmont Club.
Also, we've been hearing all sorts of bunkum these past several days from the Usual Leftie/All Wet Suspects about the need for "peacekeeping forces" in Lebanon. Uh, beg pardon, but folks, there's a peacekeeping force there already -- the UNIFIL-- the "United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon." Their website is really nifty, and says that the UNIFIL boys and girls are there to "restore international peace and security." Be sure to check out the UNIFIL's really excellent map showing UNIFIL dispositions in the area. As Chester over at Adventures of Chester points out, all the fighting is happening right in the deployment area of the Ghana Battalion peacekeepers. Gotta wonder what kind of "peacekeeping" UNIFIL was up to while the Hezbollah people were crashing the border and grabbing Israeli privates. The "peacekeepers" don't seem to be doing so hot. Wet newspaper might even be better.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Palestinians Get Military Advice from Monty Python

Long ago, the British television comedy Monty Python’s Flying Circus aired a sketch involving the “Queen’s Own Kamikaze Highlanders.” In this, at the time, ludicrously funny episode, the Queen’s Own Kamikazes discover an inherent problem in their military doctrine, in that the attrition in training is really quite brutal. Finally, the sole surviving Kamikaze Highlander, sent on a mission to the Kremlin (this was the Cold War), fails to detonate, prompting a visit by the “Unexploded Scotsman Disposal Squad.”

In yet another proof that the farcical eventually become obligatory, Haaretz reports today that the “Army of Suicidal Bombers” – a group of “heavily armed” Palestinian women whose objective is, supposedly, to “protect Palestinian land” and to “aid the men in their war against the enemy." "Aiding the men" by deliberately blowing themselves up. Not only that, they're glorifying their own desire to do so. The first targets ought to be the people who dreamed this atrocity up.

Hmmmm…in any case, lets hope the “Army of Suicidial Bombers” conducts some realistic live-fire exercises and some realistic training before heading into action. I’m sure the Israelis would be willing to provide an empty artillery range someplace perfect for this purpose.

Friday, July 14, 2006

That Tears It

We must strike them a blow. We must not let them pass us again. . . We must strike them a blow !
General Robert E. Lee, C.S. Army, 25 May 1864. (Clifford Dowdey, Lee's Last Campaign, 1994 Barnes and Noble Books, New York, pp. 265-66).
The damaging of an Israeli naval vessel by Hezbollah off the coast of Lebanon almost certainly means the Israelis will launch some kind of a ground invasion of Lebanon.
The IDF now has yet more egg on its face, for the fourth time in as many weeks. First, the two kidnappings of armed soldiers by terrorists from Hamas and Hezbollah. Then Hezbollah's, or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's ability to hit Haifa -- not completely unexpected, but a demonstration that the northern cities are essentially defenseless. Now Hezbollah -- or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, has shown it can use reasonably sophisticated weapons and disable a naval vessel. Whatever the actual military situation, in terms of the scoreboard of "who's up" and "who's down" in world public opinion, and in terms of encouraging their supporters, Hezbollah and Hamas are doing pretty well.
Go to Gates of Vienna, and have a look at Dymphna's discussion of statements issued under Pope Benedict XVI's authority, deploring both the recent acts of the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, and the retaliation of the Israelis. The Holy Father's hand-wringing ought to warn the Israelis that their political time is short. The politicans need to let the soldiers produce. It is too late now for half-measures: the Israelis are committed. If they do not destroy Hezbollah in Lebanon, now, they never will, and Iran, and the mullahs, will be well on the way to destroying Israel.
Israel needs to change this -- quickly. They need to make the killing and the humiliation go the other way- fast. For the Israelis, like Lee along the North Anna River in 1864 -- time and the big battalions are on the side of their enemies. Israel has a limited amount of time and media capital to work with before it comes under tremendous political pressure to accept a cease-fire on almost any terms. Also, they cannot, economically speaking, afford a prolonged period of high-tempo operations requiring them to keep their reserves under arms for long. The Israel Defense Forces are a rapier, not a bludgeon, designed to rapidly break an enemy in short, sharp, Blitzkrieg-style campaigns.
Israel needs to clear Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon quickly -- then get a cease fire, and it has to do it before Syria can be ready to support Hezbollah, or move into eastern Lebanon again. Now, the stakes have been raised. They have to make Hezbollah and its allies forget about successes, and they can only do this by hitting them hard enough to break their morale. A ground offensive is coming.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lebanese Dust-Up Round-Up

The situation in the Levant this morning appears to be as follows:

The Jerusalem Post, citing the IDF Chief of Staff, says that the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by the Hezbollah terrorists are still alive. Their names are Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

The Israeli Air Force has bombed the Beirut airport. The Jerusalem Post piece says that Israel means to “restore Israel's deterrent capability” against Hezbollah, “…who thought the IDF was irrelevant…” Haaretz reports that the IAF also bombed a Lebanese Army Air Corps base at Rayak in eastern Lebanon, as well as the military airport at Qulayaat, in north Lebanon. A blockade, proclaimed or not, is in effect: the Beirut Daily Star and Haaretz both say that the Israeli Navy is turning away shipping bound for Lebanese ports.

In addition to Beirut and the airports, the IAF, so says, has attacked in at least 30 places in southern Lebanon, including “several bridges” apparently “with the purpose of making it harder for Hezbollah to take its prisoners out of the area.” The bridges are unspecified, but my guess is that the spans over the Litani are getting some attention.

Hezbollah has fired a barrage of at least 60 rockets into northern Israel. Haaretz reports the rockets were “Katyushas” (small, artillery type rockets, between 80 and 140mm, range of about 13 miles) – and that one person in northern Israel was killed in the barrage. “Dozens” have been hurt, Haaretz reports.

The Lebanese foreign ministry is demanding a “comprehensive cease-fire now.” The IDF spokesman says that the Lebanese government needs to do something about Hezbollah. The Israeli Defense Minister, Mr. Amir Peretz, quoted by Agence France Presse, says that: "[i]f the government of Lebanon fails to deploy its forces, as is expected of a sovereign government, we shall not allow Hezbollah forces to remain any further on the borders of the state of Israel."

President Bush has urged Syria to use its influence on Hezbollah to obtain the liberation of the kidnapped soldiers.

The AFP article notes that the Europeans have, of course, criticized Israel for its “disproportionate use of force."

My appreciation of the situation remains basically identical to that of yesterday: the extent of reserve call-ups and the nature of the political and military problem tells me that Israel is going to re-occupy southern Lebanon for a short time, in the same manner as it did in Operation Litani in 1978. The border raid must be avenged and the military ascendancy of the IDF reestablished, and the Katyusha firings must be stopped.

Selected targets throughout Lebanon will receive aerial, naval and commando attention. Syria will be left, militarily speaking, alone, except for such of its forces as may be present in, or enter into Lebanon, unless matters escalate further.
UPDATE 12:47 p.m. 13 July. May need to revise that Katyusha range figure. Carl from Jerusalem reports that two Katyushas fired from somewhere in Lebanon hit Haifa this morning. Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel, and the country's largest port, about 26 miles from the Lebanon border. I wonder if the rockets that landed in Haifa are the usual Katyushas, or if they are instead Iranian Fajr-5's ? The Fajr-5 has a range of about 45 miles, and is believed to be in the possession of Iran's Hezbollah clients.
Hezbollah has just demonstrated an ability to hit major Israeli cities. Hezbollah is in Iran's pocket -- the specific pocket is that of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC -- Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Islami). I really do not think that Hezbollah would fire on Haifa without an okay from the IGRC command. Is this whole business Iran's response to what is going on in the UN as to the Iranian nuclear program ?
When the Iranians have a nuclear warhead for the Hezbollah's missiles, Mahmoud "Mad Jad" Ahmadinejad's threats -- and those of the mullahocracy generally -- to destroy Israel will no longer be idle bluster. All the relevant players know this...
The chances of general Middle East War have, today, increased exponentially.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trouble for Tony Blair ?

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports, citing British media sources, that Lord Michael Levy, described as the Labour Party's chief fundraiser, and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's "unofficial Middle East envoy" -- has been arrested.
The charges are not specified, but this is apparently Haaretz says: "part of a police investigation into allegations that the British prime minister improperly nominated" big Labour backers to seats in the House of Lords.
There is also a good discussion of this business in the Daily Telegraph, here.
If any of this is even a little true, it's the end of Tony Blair.

Israel Back to Lebanon

A raid by the terrorist organization Hezbollah early this morning from southern Lebanon killed three Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two. The operation appears to have been planned for some time, and quite aside from the casualties and the material damage, this raid, which, based on these early reports, appears to have caught Israeli Northern Command flat-footed: is a great embarrassment to the Israel Defense Forces.
The Israelis have called this attack an “act of war” which it most certainly is; they told the Lebanese government they are responsible, which they most certainly are (the attack was from their country); that the missing soldiers must be found and produced, and finally, that if necessary they will see to it that the “Lebanese civilian infrastructures…regress 20, or even 50 years” according to Haaretz.
Both Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post report that the Israelis are calling up reservists. This is possibly for freeing-up intervention forces for Lebanon or Gaza, although the Israelis probably need infantry forces for clear-and-secure type operations in Gaza or southern Lebanon, looking for Corporal Shalit (missing in Gaza since 25 June), and the other missing soldiers; or hunting Qassam launch-sites and stockpiles.
In addition to the expected air strikes, some sort of ground incursion in Lebanon is evidently under way: the New York Times reports that the Israelis have crossed the frontier with some unspecified “armored force.”
I think the Israeli move into Lebanon might be larger than expected, possibly a repeat of Operation Litani from 1978. Air strikes that would do the advertised damage to Lebanese civilian infrastructures are likely to be politically counterproductive; attract too much hostile foreign notice (this would mean serious air operations over Beirut, where the press is); and would not hurt Hezbollah in the slightest.
Still, the Israelis simply cannot tolerate Hezbollah turning southern Lebanon into a platform for such attacks on Israel, and they need to re-establish their reputation for holding clear military ascendancy over groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Also, the Israelis need to rattle the Syrians, who are the key to controlling Hamas. A blow to Hezbollah is also a strike at Iranian interests – Hezbollah is, to a considerable degree, an Iranian proxy. Clearly, a sharp response to the border raid is needed. Extensive ground operations, of a punitive nature along the Lebanese border are thus likely, at least as far as the Litani River.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tora, Tora, Tora

Yes, that sound you heard was shattering crockery as statesmen throughout the world spluttered in their morning coffee. This morning, the papers tell us that the Japanese government's chief cabinet secretary, Mr. Shinzo Abe, thinks that Japan needs to consider whether Article 9 of Japan's constitution would allow Japan to launch "pre-emptive" strikes on North Korean missile sites as an act of "self-defense."
Say, what ?
When the Japanese start talking about pre-emptive strikes, it is certainly best to listen, although history provides mixed guidance for Japan in this situation. They are 1/1 on pre-emptive strikes in modern times: Port Arthur working out pretty well, Pearl Harbor, not so well.
I'm having visions of Japanese embassies throughout Asia hiring slow clerk-typists.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Out of Town Again

Have been in the provinces, picking up the Heir from camp, and visiting the Summer Palace. Hope to catch up on blogging this weekend.
Meanwhile. . .how can I party on this plane ?

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Ken Lay, RIP

Ken Lay died this morning of an apparent heart attack. No doubt the conspiracy mills are going full speed, alleging that in some untoward manner, possibly for the benefit of specified or unspecified rich and powerful movers-and-shakers, Mr. Lay cheated the jailer. No evidence of such skullduggery has so far surfaced, and such speculation in the absence of evidence is yet another proof of the usefulness of emotion in allowing people to assume the existence of whatever facts happen to fit their own world-view.

A jury said Mr. Lay committed felonies, and we must respect their verdict. I’m no expert on Enron, and have not followed it as closely as some, but whatever the jury thought, I’m just as convinced that Mr. Lay met his end certain, in his own mind, that he was innocent of any crimes. For myself, whatever the relationship of his actions to the criminal statutes, and whether or not he was, morally speaking, aware of wrongdoing: Ken Lay was the captain of the ship, the man in charge, and he bore some culpability for what happened simply by virtue of his position.

In the last days of his life, Mr. Lay undoubtedly thought, probably in the wee-small hours of the night – on all he had done and seen in this life: from poverty growing up in Tyrone, Missouri; to the salad days of Enron – the days of money and power and being the toast of Houston, and considered for the cabinet; on to the familiar story of Enron’s death spiral; and then to his perp-walk and conviction.

Surely, with the day for his sentencing and incarceration drawing ever nearer, Lay thought long on the ruin of his company, and that of so many, many people who believed in him, and in Enron; and on the approaching ignominy of spending the remainder of his life in jail -- to say nothing of the impending financial ruin of his family. No conspiracy was necessary: I imagine all of that would be quite enough to kill Ken Lay. The heart attack that officially supplied the period was possibly redundant, and probably a kindness.

Now, that whole matter is forever between him and God, and Mr. Lay’s family will have to deal with the remaining earthly ramifications of the life of Ken Lay. RIP.

The "Good Guys" Won, Eh ?

If you want to get your blood boiling, go have a look at Robert Alt's article over at National Review Online about the Left's reaction to the Supreme Court's opinion last week in Hamadan v. Rumsfeld.
The first paragraph describes the reaction to the Court's decision of Mr. Tom Goldstein a "prominent D.C. appellate lawyer who served as second chair representing Al Gore in Bush v. Gore." Mr. Goldstein "raised his hands as if to signal a touchdown." When asked who scored the touchdown, the good Mr. Goldstein responded: "The Good Guys."
Mind you, the prevailing litigant in this case was Mr. Salim Ahmed Hamadan, from Yemen. Before his capture by the US armed forces, Mr. Hamadan was Mr. Osama Bin Laden's driver and bodyguard.
Mr. Alt makes clear that Mr. Goldstein wasn't alone in his reaction. Walter Dellinger, the former (acting) US Solicitor-General for the Clinton administration, called this victory for Mr. Hamadan "a wonderful day for the rule of law."
The president of the "Center for Constitutional Rights," Mr. Michael Ratner, said that " doesn't get any better."
The "Good Guys ?" A "wonderful day for the rule of law ?" It "...doesn't get any better ?"
At least we know where we stand with these people. Our friends on the Left hold the rights of a foreigner -- the driver and bodyguard of the capo di tutti capi of terrorists in higher regard than they do the safety of millions of Americans. They think it's a great day for the rule of law that Osama Bin Laden's driver has won a legal victory.
How Mr. Hamadan and all his terrorist friends must fall all over themselves laughing at us ! They'd cheerfully roast your children and mine -- and all these self-important East Coast lawyers -- on a spit; but the "Good Guys won" gang would positively build the fire for them. Who is worse ?
I wonder how many American citizens are going to die so that "Good Guys" like Mr. Salim Ahmed Hamadan, Yemeni driver for Bin Laden, get their full measure of US civil rights ?
What a day, as Superman would have said, for "Truth, Justice and the American Way." Oops, all the swells have seen to it that that "American way" stuff is right-out, huh ?

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Fasting Anybody ?

Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pink types are fasting for peace, it seems.

Personally, I'm having sirloin steak, mushrooms, asparagus and potatoes today, with a passable Chilean Merlot. How bout you ?

Failure to Launch

Reuters, quoting unidentified Pentagon and State Department officials, is reporting that Dingbat Dear Leader Kim of North Korea test-launched four missiles today, but the pride of his fleet, the precious Taep'o-dong-2 (TD-2) missile apparently failed, 40 seconds after launch.
The others splashed into the Sea of Japan.
Now anything the State Department says has to be taken with a jug or three of Morton's Salt, but, if true, it's worth raising the wine glasses to the TD-2's unsuccessful maiden trip. Definitely my kind of Fourth of July fireworks. I suppose it would be too much to hope that the thing went crashing into the official VIP reviewing stand.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, wherever you may be. In the midst of your day off, or in whatever you are doing, I hope you find time to think on what the founders in Philadelphia wrought not so long ago. Remember those who died to give you this day; and those who carry the flag for you, in Baghdad, Kabul, and in other lands, and those who watch the skies and guard the seas.
Be sure to drop over to Mike's America, and check out his Fourth of July tribute. Definitely worth a look, and has some good music too.
May God bless you and your family; and, may He continue to bless the United States of America.

Monday, July 3, 2006

NASA Rolls the Dice

Despite problems with the fuel tank insulating foam -- the same foam that doomed Columbia, NASA has decided to go ahead with tomorrow's planned launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. I question the wisdom of that decision, but Godspeed to Discovery and her crew.
The manned space flight program has always been my Federal boondoggle of choice, but I have never been a fan of the Shuttle program. I still remember my bitter disappointment, so many years ago, when Congress chopped the funding for the last three Apollo missions. Similarly, I was disappointed that NASA didn't expend more political capital to keep the Skylab space station in orbit -- because they wanted to develop the Shuttle. Once Skylab came down, the Shuttle was a bus without a stop, except for the stupid International Space Station.
The Shuttle has always been a white elephant that has never worked as advertised: too temperamental, too complex, and now, too obsolete. I have the suspicion that NASA wants to fly the Shuttle tomorrow regardless, because if it has to roll back to the VAB for more work on its fuel tank, or for another foam redesign, the bosses fear this will ground the program permanently. We should be so lucky.
I wish NASA would ground the Shuttles and build a simple rocket that worked, and head for the Moon again, or for Mars. Yes, there is a program, but I have yet to believe that it is serious. But that is for another day. Bon voyage Discovery.

Back from the Provinces

El Jefe and SWMBO spent the weekend in the provinces, away from 24-hour cable news, the internet and similar such things. Drove back into Ciudad El Jefe early this morning and tried to get caught up before work.
Yes, the Supreme Court is still in cloud-cuckoo land. The New York Times is still disgusting.
The Mexican elections, probably the most important thing for the US going on in the world this weekend -- look to be a mess, but just possibly Americans and Mexicans have dodged a bullet, as Felipe Calderon is slightly ahead. Probably we will not have a definitive outcome for weeks.
Over in Gaza, a band of Palestinian terrorists are still taking out their impotence, unimportance and bitterness over the complete failure of Palestinian nationalism on a 19-year old nobody corporal.
As Charles Krauthammer correctly observes: Gaza is freed, but Gaza wages war. The Israelis left Gaza to its own devices, but in return they got missiles, and cross-border raids. What are the Israelis supposed to do ? The Israelis are more tolerant than I would be in their place. Quite rightly, the Israelis are refusing to negotiate, but God be with Corporal Gilad Shalit, because nobody else is.
North Korea, poster child of failed states, says, AP reports, that it would respond to a US pre-emptive strike with an "annihilating strike and a nuclear war." Nobody cares enough about North Korea for a pre-emptive strike, which is probably what really bothers Wacko Nutjob Dear Leader Kim-Jong-Il. Idiot. Dear Nutjob Leader, if we ever "pre-emptive strike" your little piss-pot country, it will be unlivable for the next 10,000 years or so, and maybe you can plot retaliatory strikes on the cockroaches you'll meet in Hell.
I am presently reading, inter alia, Robert Ferrigno's Prayers for the Assassin, a gift from friend T. Definitely a fascinating, if creepy book, about a not-so-distant future, following a nuclear attack by Muslim terrorists, who successfully framed the Israelis - where America, part of it anyway, has gone Islamic. More believable than I thought it would be, and I will write a full review when done.
Despite the blood-pressure-raising nature of the novel's premise, it does have its difficult to imagine, if not downright comical, aspects: such as San Francisco being characterized as "Sharia City" where the new regime's authorities have executions of gay people every Friday at the civic center. Lots of similar touches convince the reader that he's not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
Things can get pretty strange
In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
New York Minute (the Eagles)
Yeah, I know, the book sounds stupid to us, and I'm laughing, for the moment, too. . .but read the book. Life is so weird. Like the song says, in a New York minute, everything can change. . .
Once upon a time, no doubt Marie Thérèse Louise de Savoie-Carignan, Princesse de Lamballe, never in her wildest dreams imagined that anything in the world could or would disrupt her ordered, tranqail, happy life in Paris. . .if you had told this rich, well-connected and supremely worldly (yet harmless) woman in 1787 that just five years later she would be taken out of her Paris townhouse, gang-raped and beheaded by a scumbag mob and part of her mutilated body carried around Paris on a pike, and her whole world destroyed -- you'd have been locked up as a lunatic.