Friday, December 22, 2006

The Wages of Nicey-Nice

A Somali who was wanted by the British authorities for murder of a policewoman, escaped through British immigration wearing a veil and using his sister's passport. Prior to killing the policewoman, he had been in jail, "after a string of violent offenses" and had not been deported because Somalia was "too violent."
Four Nigerian teenagers were convicted of killing a mother of two as she held a six-month old child at a christening party. These people, who were in the UK illegally, prior to the murder were already in trouble for other offenses, and were supposed to be attending "courses run by local youth offender teams."
Oh really ? Somehow the little thugs apparently couldn't make it: they "shunned any interventions." Instead, they were killing women at christening parties. "As the woman lay dying, the gang stole money and valuables from the guests, carrying the spoils in bin bags."
Deport them ? Jail them ? Send them to visit with "youth-offender teams ?" Hell no, I'd string them up, no if's, and's, nor "youth offender teams." But we're too "civilized" for that.

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louielouie said...

off topic comment:
being unfamiliar with procedures of the throneroom this time of year.
i will be off line until the 26th.
i will be sorta ...... busy.
i wish all those in the court a merry christmas.