Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stupid People

There has been something unseemly about the frisson of delight that went through our media and political elites after the repudiation of President Bush at the polls this November last, and the happiness with which the same suspects greeted the perceived slapping-down to US policy administered by the Iraq Study Group report. Jack Kelly over at Real Clear Politics says it perfectly this morning. The money quote:

. . .the glee with which many in the Washington establishment -- particularly in journalism -- greeted the (glaringly obvious) finding that things are not going well in Iraq suggests an elite so insulated and out of touch that it sees no ill consequences flowing to themselves from a defeat being inflicted upon their country. The appropriate response of serious people would have been concern, perhaps anger. But an elite that sees a big setback in the war against Islamofascism chiefly in terms of its impact on domestic politics is not comprised of serious people.

"Not comprised of serious people." Now isn't that the truth ?
Plenty are spending this season toasting the come-upppance of BusHitler with excellent wine, and they now find life a political bower of roses. Some folks had their true thoughts on display this past weekend. I wish all these people plenty of joy, for the present, because the "ill consequences" of which Mr. Kelly writes will arrive, soon enough, and the party will be well and truly over. Whatever will happen to the terminally unserious then ?

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