Sunday, December 31, 2006

So Long '06

I really wish I had a couple days more to come up with a year end post. . .but I'm not feeling much like working (still) tonight, so we're saying so long to the Year of the Dog (it sure went to the dogs, political-wise) -- without a real year-end post.
Things have been pretty good for El Jefe and his clan this year, and we have been blessed in more ways that we can count. I hope that's true for you too.
Last Tuesday night I was out in the boonies again (I cherish my chances to go there), and I went outside for a bit about midnight. I was alone, the night was cold and still, and completely silent. The skies were completely clear, and I could see literally thousands of stars, that seemed to go on and on forever. I was so grateful for the opportunity to see that, to be there, to be reminded of how big the universe is, and how amazing it is that we are in it.
I hope 07 brings you much joy, and God's good blessings to you and your families. Happy New Year.


The Kitchen said...

Blessings to you and your clan, Dearest El Jefe. May you all have health, wealth, luck and love all year long in 2007!

louielouie said...

as this is my first new year in the court i am not sure of the etiquette so i'll just say.......
Happy New Year to the Court.
i too had a reflective moment, but mine occurred new years day. about 12:30 pm i began my ascent of what would be my first ever attempt to climb camelback mountain, located in the city limits of paradise valley, ariz, of course can only be described as dumb, stupid, ignorant, imbescile, and just about any other word you could use to describe a man of my age and weight attempting anything so dumb, get the picture.
anyway, as i observed other cimbers make their way up and down the trail paths, i could observe those near and far and reflected on their size. as things get farther away, they of course get smaller, but relative to the mountain, they/we are all the same. and in my particular case as the mountain is bigger, the mountain won.

i would of course as i do make an off topic comment.

on the front page of the Arizona Republic, monday, january 1, 2007, at the center bottom, was a three column article written by mr. jeff donn of the AP.
i will reprint exactly what is written in the first para.:

A four-figure number hovers 50 feet over a busy Philadelphia street, visible in an office window. It changers maybe once or twice a day like the cost of something.

having the newspaper in front of me as i write this, i have had the opportunity to read the entire article. nowhere in the article does this bozo say anything about what that "something" is. he goes on to describe how people see the number and weep. he does a good job journalistically(?) of painting a very sad story. however, what my comment is about is the use of the word "something". as long as we have people like this bozo donn, writing our opinions for us, we will never defeat the people who have sworn to kill us all. that "something" is LIBERTY you dumb%ss. get it through his head if that is possible. thomas jefferson stated, in effect, that the tree of liberty must be fed in blood by each generation. a lesson mr. donn's generation is yet to discover the meaning of.

Candidly Caroline said...

The past month has left me too emotionally upheaved to think of anything profound so I will just say, "May your blessings grow, your struggles be worthwhile, and may happiness continue to pave your way. Happy New Year!"

El Jefe Maximo said...

TK. Thank you so much, and I hope you and yours have all of those things also.

LL. Climbing Camelback Mt. ? Glad it wasn't Mount Hood. If I tried to climb any mountains, I wouldn't be here to have writer's block, although I suspect I'd hallucinate about 4 figure numbers hovering over me.

CC. Thanks ! Hope things get less upheaved, or more so in a positive way...but I will definitely take your New Years greeting and convert it into a toast next year, or when the occasion offers.