Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's Christmas, and between that, work and other stuff, I'm a little behind on my reading, and consequently, posting is down somewhat. Down, but not out, I might have something late today or perhaps tomorrow.
Meanwhile, read Westhawk's suggestions about what to do in Iraq. I've had ideas along these lines for awhile, and occasionally hinted at them, but Westhawk beat me to the punch, and I'm glad he did, because his case is very well presented. I'll follow with my own discussion soon enough.
Also -- read Ralph Peters's dissection of the Iraq reinforcement proposals in the New York Post. Essentially, Col. Peters says that we need to send more troops only if we have some clear idea what we're going to accomplish by doing so. Col. Peters is a skeptic on this score: worrying that sending more soldiers is just a publicity stunt to bail out the politicians.

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