Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Nuts Get Bolton

David Warren's piece in the Ottawa Citizen (via Real Clear Politics) on losing John Bolton is brillant: this summarization of why we needed Ambassador Bolton at the UN, and why "the best ambassador to the UN that the US has had for a generation" offended the wackjobs in the Democratic Party so much, is so excellent and chock full o' insight that it will drive me nuts for weeks that I didn't write it.
Read the whole thing: its two pages and is worth your time. The money quote:

. . .the United Nations is at the black heart of contemporary international arrangements. It was founded at cross-purposes, presented to the world as a beacon for peace, when it was designed as a prize ring for realpolitik manoeuvring. It became, by increments of Communist propaganda, the embodiment of a shining crackpot aspiration towards world government. . . Today, it is simply "on the other side".

At its best, it has at least been a clearing house, to avoid war through the unpublicized backroom transmission of credible threats and deadlines to the world's most depraved exponents of misrule. But its membership reflects the plurality of the depraved. The General Assembly is permanently stacked against the interests of all constitutional democracies. It provides a karaoke chamber to enhance the babblings even of despots as tone-deaf as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

But it is there, and until the Americans finally take up Jesse Helms's suggestion, to "throw it brick by brick into the East River" -- or remove it to a more appropriate host city, such as Mogadishu -- it will continue to undermine the security and freedom of people everywhere, by its machinations, while its barbarous "peacekeeping" troops rape and pillage defenceless women and children, in Cambodia, Rwanda, Liberia, Haiti, and seemingly any hot spot to which they are sent.

And that, friends, Romans and countrymen, is the Gospel truth.

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