Monday, December 4, 2006

John Bolton Resigns

Ambassador John Bolton, United States Representative to the United Nations, has submitted his resignation, effective on the expiration of his recess appointment, and the President has accepted it. The text of his resignation letter may be found here.
I can see political reasons to accept the resignation, but I was satisfied with Ambassador Bolton, and am sorry matters have come to this pass. On principle, I dislike conceeding anything whatever to people of the stripe of his opponents, particularly when Ambassador Bolton enjoyed the backing of a majority of the Senate. Still, Ambassador Bolton's job was, possibly, not the issue on which to fight, nor the time to fight, either. The Left is going to have to be given some rope first. Hopefully the process is not too expensive.

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louielouie said...

Hopefully the process is not too expensive.

i'm assuming you've gone over the pension/retirement package given kofi annus.
you could run a small country given that.
i'm sure kofi annus has every intention of doing just that.
the retirement package should enrage the U.S. taxpayer, as they are the ones footing the bill, so to speak.
the silence is deafening.