Saturday, December 2, 2006

Evening in the Bundu

I'm a little north of Columbus, Texas tonight, and have been out looking at stars. Really gorgeous out. Hanging out at the country Schloss tonight, (had to haul some stuff up here) drinking a very passable Chilean Merlot and listening to old Mozart (Symphony No. 18 in F-Major KV 130, Karl Bohm and the Berliner Philharmoniker). A typical dull book on Roman history awaits, or a typically escapist movie if I'm foolish enough to turn on the television.
Gorgeous here, I wouldn't ever leave if I didn't have to. The internet is an innovation here, and I'm not convinced it's a good one.
Very quiet: no SWMBO, Heir or cats...they are all in Houston this evening.
Today in history is the anniversary of Emperor Napoléon I's great victory at Austerlitz, in 1805, and his coronation as Emperor in 1804.
Hope, dear reader, you are well tonight, wherever you are.


Candidly Caroline said...

Very nice! I hope you enjoyed your little respite.

louielouie said...

single digits here.
amazing, when it gets so cold, you can hear the silence.
yeah, i know oxymoron.
respect for the Don prevents me from using language to accurately describe this cold.
you know, things like witches and mammory glands........

El Jefe Maximo said...

CC: Indeed I did.

LL: Nights like those are perfect for the Napoleon brandy or some good scotch.