Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dr. Kissinger, Call Your Office

Tense negotiations are underway, conducted by Ambassadors and Special Envoys with an occasional Chargé d'affaires thrown in - some up-front, some back-channel and in secret. Lots of tough bargaining, with the exchange of Notes, or an aide-mémoire, or maybe even a démarche or four. Communiques to interested parties are released periodically.
Is it back-channel, hole-in-the-wall secret diplomatic deals with Iraqi Sunni factions ? Talks with the troublesome Muqtada al-Sadr ? A move towards accord with Mad Jad and the mullahs over their nukes ?
No. . .much, MUCH more complicated. El Jefe family negotiations over Who Does What When at Christmas.
Some real progress is being made, but El Jefe, frustrated with the whole business, is about ready to declare that further moves towards resolution simply cannot occur unless the Family Christmas negotiations are linked to tangible and real efforts to move forward on the Palestinian issue. . .


Anonymous said...

You MUST be tired of it if you're linking Christmas to progress on the Palestinians.

louielouie said...

is el jefe referring to palestine, texas and their issues of future water supplies?????

louielouie said...

you could make gingerbread men.......

equal parts of irish cream, goldschlager, butterscotch schnapps, & vodka.
refrigerate ingredients beforehand.
freeze shot glasses.
combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. shake and strain into the shot glasses.
give the heir a root beer float.
myself not being a vodka person i substituted rum instead.
funny, i don't remember how they turned out ..............

louielouie said...

you could go on a sleigh ride.......

equal parts of mango flavored liqueur, orange flavored vodka, and orange soda.
squeeze a lime wedge into a coctail shaker and drop it in.
add ingredients and shake.
pour into chilled sugar-rimmed cocktail glasses and garnish with a cherry.
give the heir another root beer float.

louielouie said...

omg, i forgot to mention, do not take my advice on ANYTHING ........... if you are dieting.