Sunday, December 31, 2006

But Yes, I'm Back !

El Jefe has returned to his capital, and all Ciudad El Jefe is no doubt in transports of delight except for a few, very few mauvais sujets whose hash the Great One shall certainly settle presently.
On a more serious note, blogging will soon resume, on a more regular and predictable basis - probably after the impending annual evening champagne festival.


louielouie said...

champagne festival(?), probably more like this.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Nah, I go no more a-roving by the light of the moon...let alone debauchery, or whatever that funny word might be -- hey, I'm married -- for work and the real world have returned all too soon (apologies to poor old Byron).

I sure wish I understood how you do that cool link thingy.

louielouie said...

this is how i would explain it:

this is the command line you would type in your comment:

a href="URL address goes here"

the above phrase would be bracketed by the little arrow thingys you use for the HTML tags. the one pointing to the left would go before the "a", the one pointing to the right would go after the quotation mark. i can't use them here because the computer would read it as an HTML command being incomplete and wouldn't let me post it. the URL address is just the command line address of the webpage you are linking to.

an example:
in my original post i typed in:

a href=""

again the only thing i'm leaving off are the arrow bracket thingys.

AFTER you do the above, you have to type in what you want to show in the comment. i chose the word this.

it is typed in simply as:


then you type in:


this command is bracketed by the arrow thingys.
when you type all this in it looks goofy as heck on your screen, but what comes through is the single word.

a more technical description can be found here.
what you are looking for is an anchor, not a link.