Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Obama Boomlet and Getting Serious

Lynn Sweet, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, thinks that Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois), a Senate freshman, is going to seek the Democratic nomination for President.
Maybe, even probably, Obama's running but I think this is a media boomlet that's going nowhere serious. If only committed Democrats could vote in elections, Senator Obama'd be President, but the rest of us live in the real world. Senator Obama's a Vice-President, possibly.
The most intriguing Democratic possibility: maybe a shade too late to the dance, but their best shot, is from a State further to the east and south. He could win, win really big. . . Any guesses ? Maybe more on this subject later in the week.


louielouie said...

robert byrd?

as the grounds crew pushes aside the 8-10" of snow in front of my favorite liquor store in southeast tulsa (read we got hammered), i must proclaim that i will be unable to attend excellency's send-off this weekend.
excellency, having not informed the minions as yet as to the courts activities this weekend, can rest assured that, baring my finding a good sled team, i will not be instigating the usual disturbances along the back walls that usually occur during such send-offs.
publicly, i wish him well, privately, this snow shovel just doesn't fit my hands.

louielouie said...

my apologies for forgetting the most important thing.
what ever excellency does this weekend, either cancel, or do not make dining reservations with putin.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Bob Byrd would definitely be my guy if I wanted a New Royal Highway directly from my front door to all relevant points...Unfortunately. . .the road would probably have to go thru what some of us un-reconstructed types call "western" Va.

You're definitely in the neighborhood.

I'm off to the boonies again. My "excuse" is movements of furniture.

hank_F_M said...

El Jeffe

Being from Illinois I have been wondering who is sponsoring Sen, Obama and why

He served a term in the Illinois legislature. His election was more an anointing than a vote.

In office, he was liked by every one, considered a moderate democrat, and had one of the most left oriented vote records.

He became a Senator when both his primary and general elections candidates became mired in scandal. Again he is liked by every one, considered a moderate democrat, and has one of the most left oriented vote records. Reported to the left of Durban?!

He has never run in a serious statewide election. His one election campaign against serious opposition was a flop. He has never been the principle sponsor of an bill. He has never held an executive position larger than his own campaign staff.

Except for being photogenic he does not have the basic experience qualifications to be a presidential canidate.

For more. The author is one of the sharpest political commentators in the Chicago area. I’d call him a Paleo-conservative except he rejects the title.

The Barack Obama Phenomenon: If the Democrats Were Smart, They’d Nominate Him. If Voters Were Smart, They’d Defeat Him.

El Jefe Maximo said...


My impressions of Senator Obama are pretty close to those described in your comment.

Who is staking the Senator ? Isn't that an interesting question ? He may be quite serious, but my horseback estimate is that he is insufficiently experienced and a little too left to be President. Perhaps his real goal is the vice presidential nomination.

I suspect there are lots of people who want to see Senator Clinton weakened, and dent the feeling of inevitability that's her big asset. She seems to only be getting started with an Iowa organization, and she may have problems there, especially now that Governor Vilsack is trying to do the favorite son thing.

But I wonder who is doing the denting. The tell will be which, if any professionals get behind the Obama effort -- I'd be looking for people associated with the Al Gore organization. The former Vice President bears watching, as does Senator Kerry's old running mate.