Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saving John Bolton

The Democratic majority in the Senate is possibly curtains for, among other things and people, John Bolton, America's ambassador to the UN. Ambassador Bolton, appointed to his position by virtue of a recess appointment last year, will lose his spot when this session of Congress ends. The chances that he will be confirmed by a Democratic Senate are less than nil.
Ambassador Bolton is unpopular with the Left, and other proponents of the transnational project, who seek the exaltation of virtually anything and everything that weakens national states in favor of pooled sovereignty, multilateral non-governmental organizations, and monstrosities such as the European Union. More particularly, they seek international constraints on the freedom of action of the United States.
Ambassador Bolton has the right enemies, and President Bush and the Republicans should pull out all the stops to save him. They have a brief window before the 109th Congress disappears for good, and if that does not work, there is perhaps the possibility of another recess appointment. . .assuming that can happen before the new Congress comes into session, which is open to doubt. If not, there is certainly the option of leaving the post vacant until the new Congress does recess.
Dymphna over at Gates of Vienna has thoughtfully provided a list of Senate telephone numbers. If you agree with El Jefe that the one-worlders need to be resisted, give your Senator's office a call on the matter of Ambassador Bolton, today.


Anonymous said...

Some of us Democrats believe in nation states and a strong foreign policy and also happen to think John Bolton is a disaster, along with the rest of the non-reality based foreign policy of the Bush administration.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I'd be glad to argue with you as much as you would like; but without more than sloganeering, it is impossible to evaluate precisely what your objection to Ambassador Bolton.

Ambassador Bolton is a disaster ? In what way ? The New York Times doesn't like him, that's certain and accuses him (23 July 2006) of “alienat[ing] traditional allies” and “combatively assert...[ing] American leadership, contest...[ing] procedures at the mannerly, rules-bound United Nations and then shrug...[ing] off the organization when it does not follow his lead.”

Those all sound like good things to many of us, who do not believe that most of our so-called "allies" are anything of the kind. As for the United Nations, it is quite enough, too much even -- that we pay for the thing -- let alone have to listen to it.

"Non-reality based foreign policy ?" That would be the Democrats department -- the people who want to cut and run as they did in Vietnam and let our enemies prevail. The same people who favor the nostrums recommended by the Democratic geniuses who don't like the Patriot Act, wiretapping, or the military. I'd call that Cloud-Cuckoo Land -- the preferred residence of all the Democrats likely to have any real power.