Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Went trick-or-treating with the kiddos last night, so didn't have the opportunity to work on anything to put here this morning.
Lots more folks out last night than last year. Seems like Halloween 2005 was rather soggy.
Listening to the soundtrack from The Empire Strikes Back this morning: one of my favorite soundtracks from my favorite of the Star Wars films.


louielouie said...

excellency t/o/t?
oh what an event that must have been. the pomp, the ceremony, the costumes, er, ah, robes and vestments. the sceptre(sp), the crown. the attendants, hangers on, etc., etc., etc.
the procession must have been magnificent.
it must have been a royal witchhunt.
sorry had to use that one.

going back to some of el jefe's recent comments/posts, the underlying theme, well maybe it is not so underlying, is that the dems offer nothing as a position and are dangerous in this time of war. in this el jefe is mainstream with other commenters of a conservative bent.
but warped as my viewpoint is, i can't help but wonder, why is this election so close?
was george wallace was right and, "there is not 10cents difference between a dem & rep."
of course that would be a dime in 1968.
was merle hagard correct when he crooned, "are we rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell?"
for all of the words el jefe has spent on the rep. in this election, what does it say about the electorate?
if michael moore can justify bush's win in 2004 with the comment that the people were just not well enough informed, what does it say about the rep in this election if it is soooo close?
is it the people in the race, or is it the people voting?
if the dems are so lacking in their positions, why have the rep not taken advantage of this?
are the rep positions lacking as well? is the electorate not that well informed about the reps positions? whose fault would that be?
i'm considering changing my username from louielouie to disgruntled..........b4 someone else takes it.

El Jefe Maximo said...


I suspect "disgruntled" would have lots of company from time to time, and is probably already taken.

Similarly, you have lots of company on the Right/Jacksonian side in the "not a dime's worth of difference" camp. In terms of domestic policy, you even have a point. As for foreign/military policy, I think that Governor Wallace's slam was pretty accurate in 1968, but not after 1972, and foreign and military policy tends to wag the whole dog from my position.

The election is close is because the present lot has been in power for 6 years, and that's boring, combined with a loss of patience as to the progress, or lack therenf, in the war. I don't think voting Democrat will help the war effort at all...which is why I come down the other way.

Paul Samuelson has an excellent column this morning, available on Real Clear Politics, about the sovereignty of public opinion, and the difficulty of making, and sticking, to policies that please it. The difficulties he describes are, I think, inherent in running a Republic in a media age. All political systems contain the seeds of their own demise and the slavery of our system to opinion may be the death of ours.

Okay, you're disgruntled. Then what do you do ? The country's too big, and too evenly divided, and power too decentralized, for matters to change very much. At the end of the day, you can choose the elephant or the donkey, and that's, practically speaking, it. I think people are in the mood to choose the Donkey to "see what happens" and a choice made on those grounds, when it works itself out, is likely to be bad for the Donkey.

The people who say the Red and Blue states would be better off going their own way sometimes appear to me to have a point.

Aside: I don't know what the people who say this a dictatorship have been smoking, because Bush probably can't change his doorguards without an Environmental Impact Statement.

louielouie said...

after reading your reply i realized i failed to convey a couple of important components of my comments.
as you state the repubs have been in power for 6 years and that's boring. how did the dems manage it for over 40 years? threaten people with a car ride with sen. kennedy?
even though the repubs have more senators in the chamber i've always had the impression that reid is the majority leader AND the one who sets the agenda. yes i know, he isn't and does not.
i thought momentum should have been building from 1996 forward.
wrong again.
right now i just can't see voting donkey.
disgruntled already taken.....darn.