Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Election Day 2006 (III)

The House of Representatives appears to be gone.

Some good news in Texas: Governor Perry re-elected (both Democrat Chris Bell and Carole Keeton Strayhorn have conceded). Bell probably did as well as could be expected here, the Democrats are very weak at the state level, and he was hobbled by the bizarre candidacy of gadfly humorist Richard "Kinky" Friedman.
As for one-time Republican, one-time Democrat, current Independent and State Comptroller "Grandma" Strayhorn (she of many names) -- Grandma has conceded also, and probably would have taken enough votes from Governor Perry to put Bell over the top, had Kinky not been in there tangling things up.
Bad news from US House District 22. Ms. Sekula-Gibbs seems to have won the special election to fill the seat of Tom DeLay, quite handily -- but this is only for the unexpired portion of his term, to January of 2007. The Democratic candidate, Nick Lampson, will apparently occupy the seat for the 110th Congress, from January 2007 forward, because, thanks to the courts, Ms. Sekula-Gibbs could only run as a write-in candidate, in one of the most Republican districts in the United States.
Here's hoping Mr. Lampson enjoys his two years in Congress, "representing" the people of District 22. I'm sure your "constiuents" will provide you an entertaining term. A bit of advice, Mr. Lampson: rent, and don't bother buying a home in Washington, sir; you won't need it, because you sure won't be going back.

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