Monday, November 20, 2006

Approach of Thanksgiving

Gloom around Ciudad El Jefe.

When the Boss of All Bosses, the Great and Dear Leader, the Big Cahuna, the Capo di Tutti Capi, the Duce, ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. (“Write that down, aide !” El Jefe bellows.)

SWMBO and the Heir, along with High Patronesses (cats MILO, FLINKY and SHINY) are off for the country today, but El Jefe has to stay in town for a couple of days, to work. For company the Great One is limited to only his loyal Goomba guards, the millions of fanatically loyal workers and peasants, his gorgeous mistresses, the mullahs and archbishops, the arch and minor bureaucrats, an insignificant Senator or hundred, sundry defense contractors, a bottle of Jameson’s, and its friend the Stoli bottle, and all the usual hangers-on. Not even the usual games in the Ciudad El Jefe colosseum (modestly named the El Jefe Arena) are of interest – El Jefe watching distractedly, laurel crown and toga askew, gulping down an occasional Cosmo while voting thumbs down to throw the gladiators to the lions.

Seriously, hope everybody is having or is going to have a good week. Posting will be somewhat anemic.


Candidly Caroline said...

Hope you've made it through the work and will be heading shortly to join the rest of your crew.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

louielouie said...

so sorry to spoil the festive mood excellency has tried to create.

if you go to the FOX web page.
one of their stories is that turkey is on the menu for a muslim-friendly thanksgiving.
imo, this is wrong on every level.
#1 this is an infidel holiday.
#2 no burning of cars.
#3 this is a day to enjoy.
we have had thanksgiving for over two centuries. why do the dumba-ses in MSM feel it necessary to now refer to everything as muslim-friendly.
i can't wait to see what's on the menu for our forthcoming muslim-friendly christmas meal.
happy dhimmitude to one and all.

and if excellency is careless enough to leave that red head mistress behind i will truly have a thanksgiving.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Have exited stage right to join the family, and the redhead mistress comes too...but in order to maintain peace in my household, she travels in her own convoy with the Pontifex Maximus, the Wine Steward and the vice undersecretary assistant Major Domo.

Hmmm, a muslim-friendly thanksgiving? Okay, if fox insists, we can come up with a old Buick to burn someplace, if that will make LL happy.

Don't worry about it. The MSM want to be happy-touchy-feely to everybody, because that's what the chattering classes always want: because the alternative is fighting. Nobody will do that till they have to. But our enemies, as I've said before, will eventually make us all the converts we need.

Meanwhile, everybody have a nice Thanksgiving, and I'm going to return to being lazy (riding the four-wheeler).