Saturday, October 14, 2006


Good morning ! Today's the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, in 1066. I suppose it was better that William won, but I have always had rather more sympathy for Harold II.
Going camping with the Cub Scouts this morning, so other matters will have to wait.
Matters look unspeakably grim, politically, but be of good cheer. Cruise over to Blogging Caesar and read his very pertinent motivational piece.
Regime Change Iran, citing the New York Sun, sees Persian, not Korean hands, all over the recent NK nuclear test. Could be, I suppose, but perhaps all the baddies are just working together. I would be in their place. (Cut to El Jefe hallucination: "Paging, Mr. A.Q. Khan, Please answer the glowing paging telephone in the dark concourse").
Speaking of Iran, Michael Ledeen (one of my favorite pundits) over at National Review thinks the Bush administration wants a deal with Iran. Call me agnostic on that one. I buy that they want to stall matters -- delay the mullahs from getting their nuke, but I gather they intend to carry on the underground struggle. . .
Have a good weekend.


Mike's America said...

You're not re-enacting the Battle of Hastings with the Cub Scouts are you? Oh the carnage!

It's pretty clear that Iran is playing a role in the NK problem. Iranian observers were reported to be at the missile launches.

But I haven't heard that they were at the Nuke test and would appreciate more sources for any reports along those lines.

I believe that Iran and North Korea were linked in the "Axis of Evil" speech for a very good reason, and contrary to Defeatocrat catterwalling, we SHOULD be calling a spade a spade.

The only way to deal honestly with a serious problem is to admit the true nature and scope of the problem.

If we wait until another arms race envelopes the Pacific basin and creates a conflict between the U.S., Japan, China and other parties, we have only ourselves (and Democrats) to blame.

louielouie said...

louielouie must have angered excellency.
reading the referenced links has begun a head spinning condition.
which way is up?

El Jefe Maximo said...

I haven't heard they were at the Nuke Test either...Regime Change Iran was taking a Sun article that was extrapolating from their reported presence at the missile test back in July.

Personally, I think Kim is pretty willing to work and play with other baddies...but I don't know whether he's THAT willing. I guess the 3 billion dollar question is how domestic his programs actually are...or the reported Iranian programs for that matter. We really don't have much concrete beyond really well informed speculation.