Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trouble for Tony Blair ?

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports, citing British media sources, that Lord Michael Levy, described as the Labour Party's chief fundraiser, and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's "unofficial Middle East envoy" -- has been arrested.
The charges are not specified, but this is apparently Haaretz says: "part of a police investigation into allegations that the British prime minister improperly nominated" big Labour backers to seats in the House of Lords.
There is also a good discussion of this business in the Daily Telegraph, here.
If any of this is even a little true, it's the end of Tony Blair.


Mike's America said...

I wonder if Blair got the idea to sell peerages from Bill Clinton? After all, if Clinton could sell nights in the Lincoln bedroom, why not sell seats in the House of Lords?

Master Peace said...

Always keep to hand the five fingers of Fraudulism