Monday, July 31, 2006


The British Parliament is in the middle of its summer recess, and does not sit again until 9 October, which, I think, is the only thing keeping Prime-Minister Blair in power.
When Parliament reconvenes this fall, Mr. Blair will find it necessary to step down, and Gordon Brown will be Prime-Minister by 15 November.


louielouie said...

excellency please don't go MSM on us?
Gordon Brown.
does he have a lovely daughter?
is this good for US britain relations?
briefly, who/what is gordon brown?

questions from a non-anglophile.

ps: yes, i could do a google, but why when i have you as a source. read your mind on that one, creepy huh?

El Jefe Maximo said...

Gordon Brown is much nearer and dearer to the Labour Party's sclerotic and calcified heart that Mr. "Cool Britannia" Blair could ever be. Labour has been itching to ditch Blair for Brown since the Iraq War began. Claire Short and Gordon Brown are much more representative of what "New" Labour really thinks.

I rather suspect Mr. Brown has a lot in common with John Major, the last Tory Prime-Minister, and like Mr. Brown what might be called in old-school British terms a "wet."