Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Palestinians Get Military Advice from Monty Python

Long ago, the British television comedy Monty Python’s Flying Circus aired a sketch involving the “Queen’s Own Kamikaze Highlanders.” In this, at the time, ludicrously funny episode, the Queen’s Own Kamikazes discover an inherent problem in their military doctrine, in that the attrition in training is really quite brutal. Finally, the sole surviving Kamikaze Highlander, sent on a mission to the Kremlin (this was the Cold War), fails to detonate, prompting a visit by the “Unexploded Scotsman Disposal Squad.”

In yet another proof that the farcical eventually become obligatory, Haaretz reports today that the “Army of Suicidal Bombers” – a group of “heavily armed” Palestinian women whose objective is, supposedly, to “protect Palestinian land” and to “aid the men in their war against the enemy." "Aiding the men" by deliberately blowing themselves up. Not only that, they're glorifying their own desire to do so. The first targets ought to be the people who dreamed this atrocity up.

Hmmmm…in any case, lets hope the “Army of Suicidial Bombers” conducts some realistic live-fire exercises and some realistic training before heading into action. I’m sure the Israelis would be willing to provide an empty artillery range someplace perfect for this purpose.


Mike's America said...

I seem to recall that Python spoof too. Weren't the Highlanders playing bagpipes as they blew up?

louielouie said...

do female suicide bombers get 72............oh never mind.

Anonymous said...

Photos of the female warriors have been published elsewhere, young and old, armed with RPGs and wearing black headbands with Ghostbusters insignia. Crazy. It looks like any Smith College graduation ceremony.

Anyway, this is one consequence of Arab machismo, in which females of all ages are left to fulfill the fantasies of the males even when the males are absent. Even unto death.

I'm waiting for Gloria Steinem to hold forth on this subject.