Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mad Jad Makes Threats

The AP reports that the so-called president of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says today that the fighting in Lebanon could spread elsewhere and that “He who raises the wind will get a hurricane” and that it will be a “strong hurricane that will strike really hard.”

Meanwhile, MEMRI quotes Mad Jad as saying that the present Lebanon crisis is a “test, which will determine the future of humanity. Everyone must be put to the test.” He elaborates that for those who have “buried their heads in the sand…[that] this is ‘the Day that all things secret will be tested.’”
I find Mad Jad's talk about "the Day" particularly disturbing. Does Mad Jad think that the advent of the Twelfth Imam, heradling the End of Time, is near ?

The MEMRI piece quotes Mad Jad as naming “England” specifically, as the founder of the “sinister regime” – presumably meaning Israel. England, along with “America, which supports it now” is an “accomplice to all its [Israel's] crimes.” (How like Hitler Mad Jad sounds ! Hitler used to rage about his "hate-inspired antagonists" England and France, which he blamed, as he did the Jews, for the wars he started).
Israel, America and England are not alone in Mr. Mad Jad’s dock: “a bunch of people with no honor rule some countries in the region. People are being killed before their eyes, while they play games, giving compliments to one another…”

Mad Jad is saying that things are going to happen, or that, if they do, nobody should be surprised, because we all have “hurricanes” coming. In particular, I think Mad Jad’s use of the term “hurricane” – supposedly AP tells us, from a proverb – interesting. I hope Homeland Security is on alert.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, and his mullah backers in Tehran need to have it made quite clear to them that if hurricanes are unleashed by Hezbollah or anybody else, anywhere -- that Iran will be held responsible -- and that the hurricanes will come home to downtown Tehran, as well as to them, personally.


louielouie said...

you ask:
Does Mad Jad think that the advent of the Twelfth Imam, heradling the End of Time, is near ?

you are of course aware that iran plans to respond to the UN on august 22. i'm sure you're aware of this but:

Now, why August 22nd? Islam uses a lunar calendar, so the dates change every year. Charles Johnson at lgf mentioned that in the Islamic calender, August 22 works out to Rajab 28, the day Saladin conquered and entered Jerusalem. That got me wondering, so I did a bit more research. More to the point Rajab 28 is also the date the Imam Husayn (who started Shia Islam and who is revered as the precurser of the Hidden 12th Imam) started his journey to Karbala from Medina. And on the eve 27th of Rajab (August 21st)Mohammed allegedly ascended to heaven in the famous `night journey' from Jerusalem, which Muslims commemorate as the Lailatul Mi'raj.

Could the Mullahs be planning an attack on Israel or the US to celebrate? It's a reach, but considering the mentality of these people, not all that far.

Candidly Caroline said...

I think today's (Wednesday) cartoon has it entirely backwards ...

Unless they are trying to say that liberals make up for lost whining in their adulthood. ;)

El Jefe Maximo said...

Hmmmm...could be. I guess they do studies like that so cartoonists can have subjects.

On the other hand, it's probably safe to say I'm not too high on the liberal quotient...but SWMBO would say that I'm doing fine on the making up for lost whining thing.