Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The "Good Guys" Won, Eh ?

If you want to get your blood boiling, go have a look at Robert Alt's article over at National Review Online about the Left's reaction to the Supreme Court's opinion last week in Hamadan v. Rumsfeld.
The first paragraph describes the reaction to the Court's decision of Mr. Tom Goldstein a "prominent D.C. appellate lawyer who served as second chair representing Al Gore in Bush v. Gore." Mr. Goldstein "raised his hands as if to signal a touchdown." When asked who scored the touchdown, the good Mr. Goldstein responded: "The Good Guys."
Mind you, the prevailing litigant in this case was Mr. Salim Ahmed Hamadan, from Yemen. Before his capture by the US armed forces, Mr. Hamadan was Mr. Osama Bin Laden's driver and bodyguard.
Mr. Alt makes clear that Mr. Goldstein wasn't alone in his reaction. Walter Dellinger, the former (acting) US Solicitor-General for the Clinton administration, called this victory for Mr. Hamadan "a wonderful day for the rule of law."
The president of the "Center for Constitutional Rights," Mr. Michael Ratner, said that " doesn't get any better."
The "Good Guys ?" A "wonderful day for the rule of law ?" It "...doesn't get any better ?"
At least we know where we stand with these people. Our friends on the Left hold the rights of a foreigner -- the driver and bodyguard of the capo di tutti capi of terrorists in higher regard than they do the safety of millions of Americans. They think it's a great day for the rule of law that Osama Bin Laden's driver has won a legal victory.
How Mr. Hamadan and all his terrorist friends must fall all over themselves laughing at us ! They'd cheerfully roast your children and mine -- and all these self-important East Coast lawyers -- on a spit; but the "Good Guys won" gang would positively build the fire for them. Who is worse ?
I wonder how many American citizens are going to die so that "Good Guys" like Mr. Salim Ahmed Hamadan, Yemeni driver for Bin Laden, get their full measure of US civil rights ?
What a day, as Superman would have said, for "Truth, Justice and the American Way." Oops, all the swells have seen to it that that "American way" stuff is right-out, huh ?

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