Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Failure to Launch

Reuters, quoting unidentified Pentagon and State Department officials, is reporting that Dingbat Dear Leader Kim of North Korea test-launched four missiles today, but the pride of his fleet, the precious Taep'o-dong-2 (TD-2) missile apparently failed, 40 seconds after launch.
The others splashed into the Sea of Japan.
Now anything the State Department says has to be taken with a jug or three of Morton's Salt, but, if true, it's worth raising the wine glasses to the TD-2's unsuccessful maiden trip. Definitely my kind of Fourth of July fireworks. I suppose it would be too much to hope that the thing went crashing into the official VIP reviewing stand.


sevenpointman said...

Star wars hoax !
Put your money in stocks of military contractors making
defense shields for Japan and China.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I thought for a minute your message might be a joke, but then looked at your blog, with its references to Noam Chomsky and concluded you were quite serious.

It is well known the US, for good reasons, is collaborating with Japan on strategic defense.

As for military contractors profiting off the construction of same for China, I don't know about American contractors doing so. If they want to do jail time, that is up to them. I would assume the Chinese would build missile defenses, unlike some wacko-leftie Americans, the Chinese are not fools, and will build whatever they consider militarily necessary. The Chinese are probably our enemies, but unlike most lefties, (who are also our enemies), they are usually practical.

sevenpointman said...

El jefe maximo-

Glad to see you are finally getting a proper education about the real world, by perusing my blog.
In it I deal with the radical policies of the neo-con
nightmare(which I hope you are wise enough not be involved in.)
In my blog I feature the experienced and rational analysis of many progressive thinkers-which includes the incisive and thorough 40 year studies of Noam Chomsky.
It goes without saying, that you are right, that America is working on a plan to develop with Japan
a Star wars two-party boondogle.
But the leading experts of Japan in technological areas pertaining to this program are baulking.
They know that it is a hoax ,that couldn't shoot down Amelia Earhart's plane.
But the Ninja Elvis Koisumi wants to work on his stock portfolio as well as solidify his power base
in Asia.
When the Chinese and Japanese begin their star-wars program they will have to slipstream it off our efforts, leading to our military contractors, both
in service and incognitio, to run the show.
This is the reason for our phony threat scenario with North Korea.
A nation that poses no threat to us or to it's neighbors.
If you want to prove what I say-go to the DMZ on the South Korean side-here you will find what
the Smrking Chimp was looking for in Iraq.