Monday, June 12, 2006

Rooms To Let

Looking at the newspapers accumulated over the weekend…three suicides at Guantanamo. The Houston Chronicle this morning carries an AP article reporting, inter alia, that the suicides are “bringing renewed pressure on the United States to close the prison.”

Ever notice that when a media outlet uses phrases like “bringing renewed pressure” or “questions are being raised” that the “pressure” or the “questions” are, usually, either the media raising “questions” on its own, or “pressure” from people who don’t wish our war effort well anyway ? Rule of law for these people only refers to laws that can be used against us.

The AP article is actually better than most, pointing out the possible connection between the suicides and the Supreme Court’s pending consideration of the legality of the proposed military tribunals.

The AP article reports that "A stench of despair hangs over Guantanamo," said Mark Denbeaux, a defense lawyer who visited a client at Guantanamo on June 2. "Everyone is shutting down and quitting."

Yes, yes, there’s lots of hand-wringing about the poor pirates at Guantanamo. The Usual Leftie Suspects have hearts all-a-flutter about the precious darlings not getting the whole panoply of civil rights.

As for me, I’d prefer the bad old days, when the only due process these villains would get is a quick hanging from the nearest yardarm, or a drumhead court-martial from the soldiers who apprehended them, quickly followed by death by firing squad next to a convenient ditch. These people are pirates, not soldiers: the wretches denied their victims of the decency of law and should receive all the due process they and their comrades gave our people on September 11.

As far as I'm concerned, suicides at Guantanamo means rooms to let for more scumbags. Also, we can be grateful that the unlamented suiciders didn’t kill any children on airplanes this time, or murder a few thousand civilians in a skyscraper.

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HawthornThistleberry said...

And that's said with pride, too. The honesty is refreshing.