Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Iran and Other Things.

Doctor Zin, over at Regime Change Iran, has an interesting set of links to stories in the press on recent Iranian military maneuvers and developments, including a story from India Defense on a sort of stealth flying boat.
Most military commentators do not seem to rate Iranian aero-naval capabilities too highly, and I would agree, at least as far as the naval dimension goes. The Iranian Army, and the land component of their Revolutionary Guard; together with its rocket artillery and air support/air defense component, though, bears watching. This is not the inept force that fought Saddam's Iraq in the 1980's.
More to say on this and other subjects, but it has been a long day. This evening I had the great pleasure to attend a buffet dinner and appearance by some National Review Online personalities; including Kate O'Beirne, John Derbyshire, Jonah Goldberg, Jay Nordlinger and others. More on this later.
Tom DeLay has resigned from the House of Representatives. What a shame, and dismal news for the Republican Party. There is no leader as capable in the House.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like there are negotiations possibly going on in the background, and the mullahs are posturing by firing rockets and saber rattling.