Monday, March 20, 2006

Stay Tuned

Sorry for the light blogging of late, but a combination of pressure at work, busy weekends and a case of writer's block have kept my posting down. However, I do have a couple of items which I'm going to blog on in the near future.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Belmont Club today. Wretchard has a good post on the media's latest buzz-phrase -- civil war in Iraq. This theme is the latest disaster du jour in the media's and the chattering classes continuing chorus of doom, disaster and defeatism. "Civil war” in Iraq is imminent, or underway, or whatever.

Notice how nobody is talking about the imminent success of the Sunni rebellion in driving out the Americans ? That was last year’s disaster. The Sunni rebellion was a flop, and appears to be dying, but our media, apparently eager to rescue the rebels, or, more accurately, to bash Bush, has discovered the possibility of a civil war.
Along the same lines, we have Russ Feingold bleating about "censure" in the Senate, because of the President's tapping of overseas phone calls. I hope Senator Feingold and all his friends try it: so Joe Six-Pack can see what really moves leftie swells to outrage. The Democrats truly live in cloud-cuckoo land: God forbid we should try to spy on bad guys, or even harm a hair on their America-hating heads. If we would be good lefties, we must respect multi-culturalism, admit former Taliban members to Yale, and prosecute US soldiers who muss the hair of rebels who shoot at American soldiers in Iraq. Who cares how many of us, or our soldiers, the enemy kills, as long as every Tom, Dick and Abdul that hates us gets his civil rights ?
The lefties and their allies will really try anything at all to get us back to the glory days of Watergate and Vietnam. They seem to have a ways to go -- the big anti-war demonstrations this weekend were largely ignored and unattended, except by the usual suspects, most of whom probably need baths.

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