Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Promises, Promises

People rejoice ! The Socialist Party (er, sorry, the Democratic Party), is issuing a position paper tomorrow in which they promise to "eliminate Osama," the AP reports today.

Yeah, right.

The Democratic Party, which since 1968 has never, ever met a military appropriations bill it likes, is going to eliminate Osama ? Exercise care, Democrats. "Eliminate" is such a pejoritive word. I mean, "eliminate" implies that Osama might get less than the full ACLU panoply of civil rights as provided by the US Constitution. After all, you Democrats, and your political appointees, want to give the protections of the Constitution to every He, She and It on the planet. Hell, if Osama was imprisoned at Abu Gharib or Guantanamo, you'd probably want to put him on the ticket for President. "Eliminate" Osama and your own contributors will want your heads on platters along with those of Republicans.
Oh, but it gets better. The same position paper apparently promises to double the size of the Special Forces and add more spies. Heaven (or Gaia) forbid ! How are Nancy Pelosi and Patty Murray going to explain that to the good Democratic voters of San Francisco and Seattle ? Imperialist Special Forces and their lackey spies ! The very idea. I can soooo see the Democratic caucus going for this, can't you ?
Finally, this position paper promises a "responsible redeployment of U.S. forces" from Iraq. This is position-paper-speak for "cut and run." Perhaps you remember another "responsible redeployment" of US forces advocated by Democrats ? In that one, Vietnam, we pulled out not only the American troops, but the Democratic majority in the United States Congress saw to it that our allies were deprived of fuel, bullets and equipment to defend themselves against their fully supplied Communist enemies; causing the collapse of our just cause, for which so many Americans had given everything. May there never be another such shameful "responsible redeployment" ever, ever again. No more April 1975's !
But the "San Francisco" Democrats, as Jeanne Kirkpatrick so aptly called them, were not done. They "responsibly redeployed" American help, and abandoned American allies in Cambodia in 1975, and in Angola in 1976-1977. Millions paid with their lives. They tried to force us to run again in El Salvador in the 1980's, and allow the Sandinistas to impose a communist regime in Nicaragua. Fortunately for America, for the world, Ronald Reagan (and a great man, who died today, Caspar Weinberger) stopped them, and the communists.
You just have to be able to decode the Democrats' language: "Responsible Redeployment" means cutting and running; "Elimination" means bombing raids at 3 a.m. on empty buildings, and military policy conducted by lawyers, hacks and Hollywood fops.
No thank you. Go away Lefties. Go have a "Free Mumia" rally; buy some Che tee-shirts; sing the Internationale; protest voting machines in Ohio; bloviate about 9/11 being a US conspiracy; chant "the People United Will Never Be Defeated !" till you're blue in the face. "Responsibly redeploy" right on out of here.


Anonymous said...

You talk (type) to much. Can't you shorten your rants and ravings down to something that would keep the interest?

El Jefe Maximo said...

Ouch. Oh, probably not, I'm pretty verbose. And yest, I probably talk and type way too much.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Oh, double ouch, "yest"

Sometimes I can even spell...

Z said...

Welp, the so called tough right, have
bungled this terror campaign from even
before 9/11. That bungling old fool,
Rummy, hasn't done anything right in
six years, much like the WarMonger Chief himself, Boy George. Tell me, how can you defend these keystone cops
with a straight face. Maybe the Demmies can't truly elimate Osama, but
hopefully they might be able to shame
those who think they are doing a credible job, into finally getting around to doing what they said they
would do.
There might be some tight races this coming November for some Republican incumbents. Sooo, since
we haven't had any terror elerts
since before the last election, will we start hearing of 'chatter'
come October. Enough to ramp up the 9/11 scare tactics and tell all that we are in a war and the only way to win it, is too elect GOPers.
Osama would have been gone along time ago if Bush and Co didn't have
a hard on for Saddam and had stuck to actually trying to track down Osama. Now a trillion later, there is nothing to

John Coby said...

I have to agree with the previous poster.

Hell, 911 happened on Bush's watch. All he had to do was take a normal vacation like the rest of us working stiffs and he might have read his PDB and prevented the terrorist attack

Now THAT would have been heroic, as opposed to playing fly boy on an aircraft carrier.

The Republicans have had complete control of the government for over 4 years, and yet they look to the Democrats for ideas? Give me a break.

The Republicans have screwed up every step of the way. 2300+ dead, $300B spent, 16,000+ injured, and ZERO WMDs.

How would have thought, that the only person who didnt lie about the WMDs.........was Saddam