Monday, March 13, 2006

Burfday Celebrations

Doubtless, the world has been waiting to hear about El Jefe’s birthday celebrations, so I shall condescend to provide a few details. El Jefe scored a few nice birthday cards, including one from El Jefe’s friend L with a picture of umbrellas which, the caption informed us, needed drinks. One of my running gag lines is how an afternoon at the swim-up bar drinking umbrella drinks certainly beats working for a living, so this was the prize birthday card. Of course, all the slaving away makes umbrella drinks possible and this blog possible, a fact sometimes forgotten by the somewhat prone-to-laziness El Jefe.

On Saturday, She Who Must Be Obeyed surprised me with a trip to Ibiza.

No, not this Ibiza….but this Ibiza, a yummy, Mediterranean/French restaurant in downtown Houston.

This was really pretty cool of SWMBO, because several other couples, friends of ours, were included: my friend T and her husband E, my pal John C and his wife R, and our friends the W's. SWMBO assembled the guest list, made the calls and set the whole thing up without me knowing. Apparently the Heir knew, and managed to keep his mouth shut, which is really pretty good for a Fourth Grader. (My Spy Lessons must be paying off). Heir spent the night at a friend's house.

In any case, I was totally surprised, SWMBO was very mysterious about it, hinting that we were just gonna have a quiet dinner at some steak restaurant. This was much better.

Ibiza is worth the trip if you’re in Houston. The Cosmos were very good – such an easy drink to mess up: too much vodka and you’ve got medicine. I had the trout with Salsa Verde, with the Basque Green Pepper and Crab Bisque -- along with a good and red wine (everybody seemed to want to drink red, so despite several of us having fish dinners, we all shared a decent Merlot).

El Jefe definitely scored some cool swag (including some great books from T and E and a commemorative University of Texas Championship Season football from John). T also gave me my very own copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition issue (so I didn’t salivate all over the Heir’s, she said); as well as dropping off the next day a plate of Peanut Butter Cookies which are safely stashed in a High Security Undisclosed Location that Heir might learn about if he behaves.

SWMBO gave me a couple of bookcases, items which are always in high demand round our house.

In any case, we all had an excellent time, and I was so glad that everyone attended, and SWMBO was really cool to set the evening up.

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Candidly Caroline said...

Very, very nice! You are lucky to have so many people who care about you ... although you should keep your eye on The Heir ... I suspect he might be up to something ... you know, Spy Kids and all. ;)